Yoshi’s Adventure Surfaces at Universal’s Epic Universe Construction Site

Finally some excitement is happening at Universal’s Epic Universe! Recently bioreconstruct on Twitter took to the skies and show some photos of the construction of the new park. While hovering above, they got these shots which give us a look at our first ride track for the park!

Credit: bioreconstruct

Keep in mind, while it hasn’t been officially announced, Universal’s Epic Universe is getting an exact clone of Super Nintendo World in Universal Studios Japan. This means Yoshi’s Adventure will open in Universal Orlando along with the rest of the land.

Photo: bioreconstruct

While the pandemic has brought changes to nearly every land in Universal’s Epic Universe, the Super Nintendo Land has remain untouched. Why? It’s literally already built. Yep, it’s sitting in various warehouses mostly in Orlando ready to be delivered to the construction site when the time is right. Will you be able to see Mario Kart ride vehicles from the skies or over the fence? Highly unlikely. Also keep in mind, the track for the Mario Kart is just a busbar, so nothing to see there.

However, I would keep a close eye out over there in the next few weeks. I expect Super Nintendo Land construction to go vertical sometime in July 2021. Also, I believe we will see more track for another attraction (not Nintendo) within the next week or so. We will give you that update when we see it. Thanks to @bioreconstruct for these great shots.

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