What To Expect At Universal Studios Florida Bourne Stuntacular in Spring 2020

Rehearsals for The Bourne Spectacular have been going on in the old Terminator 2:3D building for a few months now. The opening cast was workshopping the show off site for weeks and moved into the theater back in August to start early blocking and rehearsals. So what exactly can we expect to see when the show opens in Spring 2020?

First, we want to dispel some rumors you may have heard. For starters, from the day T2:3D closed, this was always going to be a Bourne Identity show. Not Sing, not James Bond, not Star Trek. We heard some doozies as this show was coming into development. However, the version of the show that will be opening in 2020 (along with the script and the actual stunts) was in a state of flux back then.

One concept that was passed on during the early stages was Dynamic Attractions Motion Theater. Essentially think of it as the audience being on a turntable that is able to pitch and tilt pretty drastically. Essentially you can create a set 360 degrees around the audience and turn the theater to face the action. You can combine live actors, screens and practical effects. It would have been pretty perfect for Bourne Stuntacular. However, due to logistical (mostly deadline, budget and capacity) restraints, the idea was passed on very very early in the creative process.

What will you see when the Bourne Stuntacular opens? We’re going to spoil it for you now. Keep in mind, there are spoilers ahead. Also, even though the fan community doesn’t seem to care about Bourne one way or another, we think this attraction will surprise a lot of people. It’s fast paced and action packed and has some really impressive effects and stunts. Let’s dive in!

While it’s fair to make comparisons to T2:3D (since it was in the same space), this really will be an all new show with a new feel to the building. What you won’t see? Matt Damon. Since the franchise is now moving on and taking the form of a television show, this is more about the character of Jason Bourne than a particular actor’s portrayal. Thus, if you’re a fan of the movie franchise or the television series, it won’t be jarring to see another Hollywood actor playing the part.

The queue will feature several cars used in the filming of the Bourne Identity movies scattered throughout. Good news, there is no space dedicated to pick up your 3D glasses for this show. While there is certainly a screen, no 3D is utilized in Bourne Stuntacular. The pre-show will also not use a live actor like in the previous show. It will be more of a standard pre-show before guests are let into the theater.

R.U.N Live from Luxor

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Posted by R.U.N – The First Live Action Thriller on Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Strangely enough, there are a lot of similarities between the Bourne Stuntacular and a show that just opened in Las Vegas called R.U.N. (which is getting horrible reviews). It’s a total coincidence, but several of the action sequences in the new Cirque show are going to be extremely similar to Bourne Stuntacular. Take the video above as an example.

A car chase in an enclosed theater with no track makes no sense. However, if you put that car on a motion platform with a moving background, it will look as if the car is speeding through city streets. While the sequence above is far too long (Cirque had to fill a 90-minute show), a very similar car chase sequence will actually be the finale of Bourne Stuntacular. However, instead of just one car rising up from the stage, it will end up being two cars racing each other.

More importantly, the screen behind them will set the scene for every act in the show. In a way, it will be somewhat video game-like. Whereas actors may be running from one spot to another, they will be on a treadmill running in place (hidden from guest view) while the background moves with them in real-time.

Set pieces will also slowly glide into place as Jason Bourne and company jump, fight and kick their way in and around them. Then they’ll slowly glide off stage and ready for the next scene.

I don’t want to give away the entire show, but Bourne Stuntacular will feature two moments where actors will swing out over the heads of the audience. There is a ton of fire power in this. Guns play a very heavy part of the show. Based on what I’m hearing, this may be one of the best stunt shows in a theme park anywhere. What are your thoughts about Bourne Stuntacular?

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