What Is Universal Orlando Covering Up By Removing Their Own VelociCoaster Blog Posts?

Yet again, I am scratching my head on why Universal Orlando does things. Exactly a month ago, the Universal Orlando official blog started posting behind-the-scenes articles on the new Velocicoaster at Islands of Adventure. Yet, for some reason as of February 25, 2021, they have been taken down.

Keep in mind, these articles were a good thing. With rare exception, Universal Orlando says very little about their new attractions until right before opening. Why? Their approach the last decade or so has been “don’t give them a reason not to go now.” Meaning, if VelociCoaster doesn’t open at Islands of Adventure until Summer 2021, don’t focus on the future. Instead, spend your marketing dollars and blog posts telling guests why they need to come NOW.

Tell them about why the food at Mardi Gras is so delicious or how great it will be to soak up the sun at Volcano Bay during Spring Break. Yet, to my surprise, they decided to not only highlight VelociCoaster’s progress, but the team that was helping create it as well.

Not only was it good to see Universal hyping up a new attraction that won’t open for months (a play right out of the Disney Parks Blog playbook), but it highlighted Universal Team Members who were helping build the ride as well. It featured a diverse group of people as opposed to (Mark Woodbury President of Universal Creative), Thierry Coup (Chief Creative Officer of Universal Creative) and Tom Williams (CEO of Universal Parks and Resorts/Dinosaur). You know, the three older white dudes who are featured nearly every time a new attraction debuts. Speaking of…

Even more puzzling? A special on Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure debuted on Peacock recently. Granted, this special was clearly filmed years ago when the attraction opened in 2019. Again, it’s nice to see Universal go behind-the-scenes of an attraction. However, it’s been nearly two years since the ride opened. Why did this special just air now?

A photo of Tom Williams that hangs behind Guest Services at Universal Studios Florida

I actually don’t have a solid answer about any of this. However, something tells me this was a Tom Williams call. Generally, guys like Tom (and his office) are far enough removed from the day-to-day operations of the smaller parts of the business like what the Universal Orlando Blog posts. Somehow Tom (or someone on his direct team) saw these posts and decided to take them down. Or at least that is my best-educated guess.

Lucky for you, you can do an internet search and find the Velocicoaster posts by clicking this link and doing a little bit of digging yourself. Why were these removed? I’ll keep searching and see if I can get some answers. Or maybe someone from Tom Williams’s office will contact me directly and give me the scoop (jokes). Meanwhile, what are your thoughts? Should these articles have been pulled?

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