Universal Orlando To Announce New Property Details on August 1 – What To Expect

We’ve been covering Universal’s new expansion here at Theme Park University since before they started clearing the land. We’ve covered everything from how the land was acquired, a unique layout concept, the lands on opening day and more.

Now Universal Orlando has scheduled a press conference on August 1, 2019, at the Orange County Convention Center. We think we have a pretty good idea on what is going to be covered. More importantly, we have a strong grasp on what’s not going to be revealed. Let’s start with what to expect on August 1 from the official announcement, shall we?

Rough layout of New Property

Legal note: As per all of our speculation/possible spoiler articles, nothing is official until Universal announces it. We know there is a lot of info floating around out there. However, we can’t legally claim anything to be gospel until it’s officially announced. That said, we’ve got a pretty good idea on what’s going down at the Orange County Convention Center on August 1 at 10 am. Let’s dive in!

First of all, I am going to warn you to set your expectations to low. Very low. This is something we preach here at Theme Park University a lot. Even though you and your friends may follow theme park blogs religiously (thank you!), the general public does not. Very little about this new part of Universal Orlando Resort is known to the general public. While very little of the news is going to even surprise avid theme park fans, the general public will be shocked that an expansion this large has been in the works. Just keep in mind, this press conference is for the general public to catch up to what theme park websites like Theme Park University have been talking about for literal years.

Most importantly. they are going to do a lot of touting about how this new property will usher Universal Orlando into a new age of theme parks. Expect to hear a lot of talk about how this expansion will make them an even bigger destination resort. This is totally true. The entire reason this exists it to pull more market share away from Disney in Orlando. Adding a new park will not only take away days from Disney but give guests a reason to not visit the mouse at all. Note: I’m betting on the fact that you won’t hear that “D” word at all during the presentation.

What about the park? Are you ready to hear about all the new lands that you’ll be ready to explore on opening day? Not so fast. This announcement won’t go into that kind of detail. Not yet anyway. Details about the new park will be in very broad strokes. You’ll see some fairly blurry and intentionally generic concept art regarding the new park which won’t officially reveal any of the lands or attractions. Keep in mind, at this point, all Universal Orlando wants to do is acknowledge that the new park and expansion are coming and not much else.

In addition, they will be announcing a new hotel that will also be flanking the new theme park. And that’s about it. You’re going to hear lots and lots of investment in Orlando, Orange County, creating new jobs, #1 tourist destination, etc… but not a lot else.

However, don’t fret, we are going to give you some details Universal won’t be sharing at that August 1 press conference before it actually happens. More importantly, what about that teaser image Universal Orlando just released? Curious isn’t it?

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