Universal Fumbles Yet Another Announcement: Puppet Theater

You’d think at some point this would stop happening. A pattern that has plagued the public relations department of Universal Orlando for years. Yet again a project that wasn’t meant to be released to the public has been leaked.

Who keeps leaking these projects? Universal themselves, of course. This time the haunted house was randomly announced out of nowhere.

To be clear, the house looks amazing. This is one of the houses that will sit mothballed until 2021. Originally Puppet Theater: Captive Audience was going to be a part of the 2020 HHN lineup. Then when the event got scrapped, the house was finished and locked up as it sits currently at Universal Studios Florida.

In a smart move, Universal decided to give a sneak preview of Puppet Theater via a video created about the behind-the-scenes of the house. However, the video wasn’t supposed to be released until 2021.

How do we know this? There’s always an “oh crap” moment when Universal accidentally releases something early. This time, the behind-the-scenes video was released on Peacock streaming service.

Keep in mind, nowhere on any official Universal social media did they say this video was coming. It just appeared. Within less than an hour? Poof! It was gone. The video was completely deleted from Peacock.

What’s another reason we know this was an “oh crap” moment? Universal doesn’t like to announce new offerings until very close to the opening date. Keep in mind, they weren’t ready to open their Velocicoaster, yet their own public relations team leaked that one themselves as well.

Furthermore, why release information on HHN houses for 2021 when we are roughly 11 months away? You can’t even buy tickets for the event yet! What is the point?

If you want further proof that this was a “oh crap” for Universal Public Relations, wait and see if they release any other info on HHN houses in 2020. Or anytime before late spring 2021.

I’m not ruling out another “oh crap” moment based on Universal’s track record. It may happen. But guaranteed, yet again, this was not meant to be released in October of 2020. Any ideas what the next PR goof will come from Universal Orlando again? Oh yes, it will happen again.

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