TPU Exclusive: Jurassic World Coaster Track Arrives in Orlando

Ground clearing and excavation has been going at a rapid pace inside Islands of Adventure around Jurassic Park’s Discovery Center. Even though it hasn’t been announced, a pretty intense coaster is headed to the park soon. While you can’t see any track for the new ride within the park just yet, we managed to find the first few pieces that arrived just off site today!

Currently, only a few pieces of track have arrived in this location a few miles away from Islands of Adventure. Already, we can tell a few things about this particular coaster. Notice the double backbone design of the track.

Photo: Orlando Informer

Compare that to most sections of track with Hagrid’s Magical Creature Motorbike Adventure. This coaster has no backbone at all in some sections and others, only a single backbone. Why? Because this particular ride was designed to be more family friendly and doesn’t feature steep hills or intense banked turns. In short, the more intense a coaster is, the more backbone it needs to maintain structural integrity.

Copyright Phantasialand

Now compare the track that just arrived with Taron in Phantasialand and you’ll see what I mean. Taron is another Intamin coaster, just like the Jurassic World coaster track that just arrived. Also, Intamin also manufactured Hagrid’s Magical Motorbike Adventure track as well.

We will go into more details about what this coaster entails in future articles. However, I’ve seen several comments online about Hagrid’s coaster not being as intense as the former Dueling Dragons/Dragon’s Challenge ride. You are indeed correct. It was intentional that Universal wanted Hagrid to be more family friendly and a “story coaster.” However, this new Jurassic World coaster opening in 2021? That will technically be the replacement for Dueling Dragons in terms of intensity.

Yes, we said 2021. Keep in mind, this coaster was originally slated for 2020. However, as the Nintendo project got scaled back, the Jurassic World coaster got pushed back in order to have a new attraction every year at Universal Orlando. You can read more about that here. We will keep you updated as more track arrives and as this attraction progresses!

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