Is Halloween Horror Days About To Be Announced? If So, What Houses Might Open?

Could it be possible that two Halloween Horror Nights houses are opening for day guests at Universal Studios Florida in the near future? We think it’s extremely likely. Let’s take a look at how this might be possible as well as how it can be done safely and even some speculation on what houses could open.

Before we start, as always, we have to mention that this is not official as of yet. Nothing is official until Universal says it is. It’s also really important to know that in 2020, nothing is a guarantee. Plans change weekly in Orlando these days and this is no exception.

We are hearing that this is tentatively called Halloween Horror Days. If everything lines up, we think this event will begin September 19th for day guests. The question is, how can they open houses when the event was canceled?

All of the houses have been built and finished as of now. They are all sitting in their normal spots ready to go. All they need is training by actors and attendants, flip on the lights and houses can start up whenever Universal Orlando chooses. The question is, how do you run a haunted house safely in 2020?

Did anyone else buy stock in companies that make plexiglass? Just me? Well most of your answer will be many actors that are within six feet of you will be behind plexiglass. Is it ideal? Of course not. Will it work for 2020? Of course it will.

Which houses could be opening? That is the million dollar question. It might seem like a shoe-in for Beetlejuice to go ahead and open, but from what we are hearing the thought is not to open a house tied to an intellectual property. The logic behind this is, IPs drive attendance and Universal is well aware that many guests either can’t or don’t feel comfortable traveling right now. Thus, it makes sense to keep those intellectual property houses on hold for this year as they won’t reach their full potential as a draw in 2020 no matter how cool Beetlejuice might be.

Copyright: Universal Studios

Thus, the houses that are remaining that are originals are up for grabs. From what we are hearing, two original houses will be opening. Those are “The Bride of Frankenstein Lives” and “Revenge of the Tooth Fairy”. Keep in mind, those names may vary slightly.

Photo: WDWNT

Finally, if these two houses open this year for day guests, will we not see them when the event resumes for 2021? That’s a great question and one we have not heard an answer to. We believe that answer is yes, the two houses that potentially open this year will also open next year as well. Since many fans fly in from across the country as well as internationally, only a sliver of who would normally get to see these houses could experience them this year anyway.

Did we mention all this is tentative? Keep in mind, Halloween Horror Nights as a full event was a go until the day before the announcement that the plug is being pulled. However, what are your thoughts on Halloween Horror Days? Do you think they should be running haunted houses in 2020 or just scrap it all for 2021?

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