What Happened to Jimmy Fallon’s Flying Theater at Universal Studios Florida

You guys are gonna laugh so hard. Oh man. This is a knee slapper for sure. First, lets travel back to November 2016 when Universal Orlando announced on their blog a few details on the upcoming Race Through New York attraction. First, they announced that the pre-show area would be set up as a tribute to “The Tonight Show,” complete with unique queue experiences.

Mission accomplished. This attraction is the start of exactly what we have been talking about here at Theme Park University. Universal is slowly inching towards a queueless theme park and Race Through New York is the working prototype. It’s truly a game changer for the industry. However, theme park fans are interested in rides. Universal Orlando also happened to mention on that same blog post that guests would be able to experience “worlds first-ever flying theater” as they Race Through New York! Now take a moment and visualize what this groundbreaking new ride might look like. Need a little help? Okay, fine.

Soarin’, right? Naturally. Everyone thought the same thing and even first-ever attached to it, you can’t really imagine much else. Hell, lots of bloggers even took the time to post articles showing off different styles of flying theater attractions to give their readers a taste of what this ride system might look like. And why not? Few words strung together get people more excited than “world’s first flying theater” other than “free beer and pizza” perhaps.

Unfortunately despite the groans of many a fanboy, Race Through New York is indeed a simulator and not a flying theater of any kind. Sure your 72-seat motion based theater simulates flight, but so does Star Tours. Now you may have paused reading this article by now and looked up the Universal blog post and seen that to that flying theater nonsense.

Everyone else thought the same as you! You can link to dozens of articles ranging from bloggers to legitimate newspapers who all picked up on the mythical flying theater and some even ran it as their headline! What really stings is, no correction of any kind was made.  So what the hell happened? Get ready to slap those knees!


As it turns out, the ride system was made by a company named DymoRides. Now they can’t admit this publicly because when you sign contracts with big players like Disney and Universal, there is a clause stating that you gotta keep your mouth shut, as they don’t like revealing their secrets. Plus it destroys the illusion that there is a secret factory of elves at Universal Creative and Walt Disney Imagineering who hand-make every aspect of the park for you to enjoy.

Anyway, DymoRides makes a product known as the “flying theater” among many others and this is what is used in Race Through New York. Does it “fly” at all? No. Then again neither does Soarin‘, but it does simulate flight and therein lies the confusion.  When the press department started seeing dozens of news outlets immediately comparing this new ride to Soarin‘, they sat idly by and did nothing.

I certainly hope that clears it up for everybody. Sorry to be a buzzkill. And on behalf of the Universal Press department, they are sorry too. Even though I have no affiliation with them whatsoever, I figure there will be no apology coming from them at this point… so… sorry guys. Better luck next time when Universal starts talking about the ride track for the new Fast & Furious: Supercharged ride. Oh man is the internet going to blow up with anger over that one. Let’s digest one disappointment at a time though, shall we?

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Images Copyright: Universal Orlando Resort, Walt Disney World, DymoRides

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