Even More Concept Art for Universal Super Nintendo World Leaked

You know when you find a leak and you think you’v got it plugged and all of the sudden it turns out it’s ten times worse than what you had originally imagined? That’s what seems to be happening with Universal’s Super Nintendo Land project lately.  Last week, I published a handful of photos that were possibly from Universal’s creative team for the project and now it seems that even more have risen to the surface. Yet again, I strongly urge you to understand that this is not official and plans can change at any time and what you see now may now may not be the final product. But it’s fun to speculate and dream a bit, eh?

Now someone has posted the overall layout I posted last week and placed it directly into Universal Studios Florida on Google maps. Bravo. It fits. However, it doesn’t mean that it will look exactly like that on opening day. I’m willing to bet that it will fit into that footprint and the land will flow just as you see it above.

Above is a picture of the supposed proposed entrance to the land, Princess Peach’s Castle. I think it’s interesting just how big the building truly is. My guess is there could be an interactive walk-through adventure in there of some sort.

Now that the Donkey Kong coaster concept art I posted last week can be seen in the upper left portion of the Donkey Kong mini-land of Super Nintendo World. However, as we can see, there is also a substantially large kids playground attached to this as well. Which makes perfect sense as this land will replace the current kids section of Universal Studios Florida.

Any ideas on what this is?  My guess is this is a pre-show for some sort of theater attraction. I’m not admittedly familiar enough with the Nintendo universe to know the characters involved. My guess is Zelda, which ties into that puzzle theater concept we have talked about several times before here at Theme Park University.

Finally, we have several new images of Mario Kart. Which may very well be the biggest attraction in theme park history when it opens.  The more images I see of this attraction, the better it looks.

While the above images may seem a little rough, that’s okay. At this early stage of development, that is completely normal. These images are still being worked on and fleshed out.  Which leads me to why you probably clicked in this article in the first place.

Yes indeed, that above image seems pretty close to being finished concept art. Notice the on-lookers and how close they are to the track? Could they be possibly hurling virtual turtle shells, coins and more onto the track? I can’t disclose everything I know about the project right now or the folks at Universal Creative would have my head on a platter (hi guys!)… but seriously… it’s going to be incredible. Your thoughts?

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