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Disaster Studios Employed Universal Studios Veterans

Disaster StudiosNow that Disaster at Universal Studios Florida has officially closed, I figured I would take the time to share one of my favorite tributes to theme park employees. Any Disney fan knows that the mouse loves to pay tribute to their best-of-the-best in the windows that line Main Street U.S.A., but Universal Studios does things a bit differently.

Disaster Studios

For those of you who never got a chance to experience it, this was a revamped version of Earthquake, an opening day attraction at Universal Studios Florida. Guests were brought into the fictional Disaster Studios where they were being cast as extras in their latest blockbuster, “Mutha Nature.” The head of Disaster Studios, Frank Kincaid, was played by the always amazing Christopher Walken, who appeared in photographs and video segments.

Disaster Studios

Adorning the walls of the first pre-show room were movie posters of Disaster Studios previous films such as “Fungus: It’s Among Us!” While the posters were clever, what was really interesting was the cast and crew for each film at the bottom of each movie poster.

Disaster Studios

Normally, a theme park pays tribute to their creative department in nods like these. However, Universal Studios actually gave a tip of the hat to their park operations crew in this case.

Disaster StudioAs seen in the photo above, Harry Corbin is Director of Engineering at Universal Orlando Resort. Catherine Stafford is an HR Manager and Brawner Greer is Vice President of Business and Legal Affairs for the resort.

Disaster StudioGene Darden is the Manager of Technical Services at Universal Orlando.

Disaster Studio

There were many names on these posters and some are completely fictional just to throw you off, but I kind of like the fact that Universal Orlando paid tribute to their Operations folks at Disaster Studios. Your thoughts?

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