Could Universal Orlando Be Killing Their Frequent Fear Pass Program?

If there was ever a time to blow up the Frequent Fear program at Universal Orlando, it’s 2021. It seems as if the Halloween Horror Nights seasonal pass may be gone forever. Let’s dive in!

For those unaware, Halloween Horror Nights traditionally offers a smattering of different ticket options each year. In addition to one-day and multi-day tickets, there are Frequent Fear passes for those who go to the event… ya know… frequently. For example, there was the “Rush of Fear” which allowed a ticket holder to visit the first two or three weekends of Halloween Horror Nights.

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Then there was a regular Frequent Fear Pass which allowed guests to visit on any night aside from Friday/Saturday. If you wanted to go on Friday (and every other day but Saturday) admission that was your “Frequent Fear Plus”. Then if you wanted the entire shebang and go every single night, then that was the “Ultimate Fear” pass. Even more complicated/lucrative, you could add Universal Express Passes to your various Frequent Fear passes for an upcharge as well.

As of the writing of this article, guess how many of the above-mentioned ticket options you can currently purchase from Universal Orlando? That’s right, zilcho. Now you may be thinking Universal is just waiting to release these tickets to build up anticipation. That makes no sense. Normally Frequent Fear Passes are released at the same time general admission goes on sale in late May or early June. Here we are in the middle of July and nothing.

Who wouldn’t want to sit on piles of cash for those advance ticket sales? What operator wouldn’t want to know what nights are selling out? How many tickets are being sold overall? This info can help you adjust park hours and even extend the event a few days to bring in more revenue. Thus I started to do some digging.

Keep in mind, what I’m hearing is unofficial. Nothing is official until Universal Orlando says otherwise. Also, it’s fair to assume, the reason any kind of multi-day pass hasn’t been announced or released is they truly are still figuring it out. However, my gut says they will be talking about it very soon considering the event for 2021 starts on September 3.

If what I’m hearing is correct, Frequent Fear Passes are out the window entirely. Instead, they will only be selling multi-day tickets. Now typically a multi-day ticket for an event will allow you to go three or four days maximum. This new pass will have options for more than that. However, the idea of a pass that allows a guest in for a dozen, twenty or even thirty times seems to be extremely slim. Or, if it does happen, it will be far more expensive than an “Ultimate Fear” pass ever was.

Now I know what you’re thinking: why would Universal do this to their most loyal Halloween Horror Nights fans? Well, in short: there’s a lot of you. The event hasn’t been anything less than packed for years. How do you make the event more manageable? Make the lines less horrendous? And also, make sure those who go grab as much merchandise and drink and eat as much as possible? Cut out the Frequent Fear Pass crowd. Or at least, minimize their impact.

What are the prices? What if you bought a Frequent Fear Pass last year, does it carry over into 2021? I do not have those answers. Again, as soon as Universal Orlando figures all of this out (and believe me, it’s complicated) all will be answered in an announcement shortly.

Finally, and I can’t stress this enough, even what I’m telling you today may get scrapped. Universal is notorious for making last-minute decisions. Even last year in 2020, Halloween Horror Nights was full steam ahead throughout most. of the summer. They had techs starting to install some of the atmospheric lighting around the New York area of Universal Studios Florida on a Friday. Then on Monday, the entire event gets canceled for 2020. Then they decided to open two houses for day guests and Beetlejuice on Halloween weekend.

What’s great about theme parks is you never know what they are going to do next. What’s terrible about theme parks is you never know what they are going to do next.

Meanwhile, what are your thoughts on this? Are you more excited to go to a Halloween Horror Nights with potentially smaller crowds? Or are you a die-hard that went to HHN every single night of the event?

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