Confirmed: Boy Almost Twisted Foot Off While Riding E.T. Adventure at Universal Studios Florida

As Theme Park University reported on back in February 2019, a boy was seriously injured while riding the E.T. Adventure at Universal Studios Florida. While initial reports stated that he “twisted his foot off,”, we had heard that was not the case. Now the Orlando Sentinel has picked up on the story because (no surprise) the family is filing a lawsuit against Universal Orlando.

According to the report, Roberta Perez is seeking at least $15,000 in damages. As we stated in our last article, 11-year-old Tiago Perez’s foot became trapped between the ride vehicle and the unload platform as it was pulling alongside the unload station. His shoe came off and there were several broken bones and it was described as a “bloody scene.”

According to the lawsuit, “Prior to this incident, [Universal] had knowledge that the design, manufacture, testing, construction, and/or operation of the E.T. Adventure ride, created an unreasonably dangerous ride resulting in injuries to guests, but [Universal] continued to market the ride as safe to the unsuspecting public.”

The lawsuit admits that his feet weren’t on the pedals of the bike, but were dangling off to the side. Now say what you will, but she does have somewhat of a case here. Yes, there are warning signs in front of the attraction. However, the suit claims that part of the issue is that they are Brazilian and none of the posted warnings are in Portuguese.

More over, and I have said this in a previous article, if it’s that easy for someone to stick their foot out and cause serious injury, even if they didn’t listen to the warning, I believe Universal Orlando shoulders at least some of the responsibility here. Keep in mind, lawsuits aren’t all or nothing. There are degrees of liability. Could they be 50 percent liable? It’s entirely possible. More importantly, if $15,000 is all they are seeking, that sounds like a small amount of money compared to what they could be asking. This could easily get settled out of court. Your thoughts?

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