BREAKING: New Temporary Stranger Things Attraction Opening Soon at Universal Studios Florida

Sharp-eyed visitors to Universal Studios Florida have noticed something strange recently. If you head over to the former exit of Terminator 2: 3D you’ll notice some props that are themed to Hawkins, Indiana. We have strong reason to believe that this will be a Stranger Things attraction opening at Universal Studios Florida very soon.

Photo Credit Twitter: @Laura_L6277

Keep in mind, this theming (and mini-queue) for Stranger Things just appeared over the last few days at the exit of the future home of the Bourne Identity stunt show. Back in April of 2019, this space transformed into a semi-permanent Universal horror gift shop.

Before we continue, that location should give you some indicators on how big this new Stranger Things attraction will be: tiny. This literally takes up the space where guests dropped off their 3D glasses when T2:3D was open. Thus, this new attraction will have extremely limited capacity and be temporary. Once the Bourne Identity stunt show opens in 2020, this will most assuredly be gone (as well as the Universal Monsters theming for the gift shop).

So what is this new Stranger Things attraction exactly? Well, that walkie talkie at the bottom of the picture should give you an indication. This is actually an experiment between Universal and Microsoft. The idea is to test technology to where guests can “talk” to the cast of Stranger Things via a walkie-talkie in real time.

Copyright Netflix – Stranger Things Attraction

Think of it as Microsoft’s answer to Amazon’s Echo system with Alexa. You’ll be able to ask questions and have conversations in real time. And instead of “Alexa” replying back to you, an artificial intelligence version of the cast of Stranger Things will be able to respond to whatever you want to say to them.

In addition, there should be some small special effects including strobe lighting and fog to complete the story. It’s also fair to mention that this attraction is in a state of flux as it will be adjusted as guests interact with it. Odds are, it won’t even be advertised due to the low capacity and it can open and close any time as the team makes adjustments to tweak the technology in response to guest feedback.

And yes, as of this time, this is classified as an “attraction” despite how small it is. Will it be advertised on park maps or in the app? Highly doubtful. Keep in mind, Universal doesn’t even acknowledge the Universal Monsters store where this will be located in their app. I’m just reporting the news here, folks.

Finally, you may ask: what’s the point? Well the idea is for Microsoft to develop technology that can interact with multiple people and have different people with varying personalities answers to you in real time. For Universal, this technology could be used in a future attraction or even interactive haunted attraction in the future.

As always, none of this is official until Universal says it is. Thus, at the time of this writing, this is all still considered rumor. Regardless, it will be an interesting experiment. Your thoughts?

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