Bourne Stuntacular Brings Universal Orlando Screen Attractions To New Level

Universal Orlando has quietly opened their newest attraction: The Bourne Stuntacular. As of the writing of this article, the show is currently in technical rehearsals (and thus may close at any time). Earlier this morning, we got a first look at the show that replaced Terminator 2: 3D. Overall, it went beyond our expectations.

Overall, the flow of the attraction is exactly the same as T2:3D before it. You enter a queue, use the same pre-show room as before and then the theater is roughly the same configuration as it was before.

One thing worth mentioning is the extended queue is being utilized for this attraction. With social distancing markers, the line does flow outside a bit. However, since shows are currently continuous, the queue moved rather quickly. In terms of social distancing, the Team Members did a fantastic job. Not only was the queue spaced out extremely well, but so was the pre-show as well as theater seats.

The show is a definite upgrade from it’s predecessor. I must have uttered the words “oh that’s really clever” at least ten times during the show. It has been a while since I’ve found a theme park show to use technology so well.

Pre-Show Area

Unfortunately, they told the audience no pictures or videos of the actual show. In a way, that is actually a good thing. Even if they change that policy beyond technical rehearsal, seeing it on a computer screen versus seeing it in person won’t really compare. This needs to be experienced in person.

Bourne Stuntacular features the sharpest screen I’ve ever seen in my life. On-stage actors blend seamlessly (no, really!) with the ones on-screen. At times I had to take a moment to pick out real actors versus projected ones. Set pieces come from the wings of the stage and travel at the same pace as the on-screen action as if you’re walking with Jason Bourne in real time through various locations.

Overall, the show is a solid addition to Universal Studios Florida. It features tech that hasn’t been used in a stunt show before. It’s extremely unique and modern and definitely worth checking out on your next visit to Universal Orlando.

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