Batman Stunt Show Proposed for Islands of Adventure Resurfaces

One of my favorite things about running Theme Park University is showcasing extinct attractions or even better, ones that never existed. It’s not an easy task, but every once in a while we get thrown a nugget. Theme park design companies will go through old files and come across something they want to share. In today’s case? We get to take a look at a Batman stunt show that was proposed for Islands of Adventure!

Courtesy The Goddard Group

Years ago, we shared lots of concept art for the Islands of Adventure that never was. We covered all kinds of topics from Popeye, to Ripsaw Falls and even Superman.

Courtesy The Goddard Group

When Islands of Adventure was first being proposed, the theme of the entire park was cartoons and comic books. At the time, Six Flags didn’t have the exclusive contract to DC Comics like they do now. While it may be hard to believe today, at the time (early to mid-1990s), DC Comics was a much stronger brand over Marvel. Thus, it made a lot of sense to chase after the #1 comic book brand.

Obviously this idea was ultimately passed on, but it’s one of the most stunt shows I’ve ever seen with a lot of in-theater effects. Just like all of the other pitches to DC Comics, this was done in comic book form. Thus, I’ll let you see the pitch in its comic book form below. Enjoy!

And there you have it! While I think there would have been a lot of logistical hurdles to overcome in order to make this show happen, it would have been amazing. If you’re a DC comics fan, we have a ton of unrealized concepts from Islands of Adventure at Theme Park University. Something tells me this won’t be the last of the unrealized concept art from Universal we share.

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