Warner Brothers Theme Park in Abu Dhabi Unveils Concept Art – What We Know

At long last, Warner Brothers Theme Park in Abu Dhabi has finally revealed concept art for what the park will look like and it doesn’t disappoint. The park will be entirely indoors and, from the looks of the artwork, they are really mining the WB vault to offer a pretty wide variety of attractions. Let’s dive  in, shall we?

As expected, Looney Tunes has a pretty large presence in Warner Brothers Theme Park, with attractions based on Marvin the Martian. In the upper right, you can see an inverted coaster themed to Wile E. Coyote. In the foreground, we can see spaceships hovering on a spinner attraction. Perhaps The Jetsons will be making an appearance as well?


Now we are going to be cross-referencing the concept art that was released by the park with the above overview of the park. This photo was released by a consulting firm associated with the park and later redacted. Oops?

Anyway, if you look at the middle right you can see the suspended coaster as it travels mostly through the land, but also outside just a smidge into a separate area.

Much like Disney’s ToonTown, Warner Brothers Theme Park will also feature an area where toons live. Looking towards the back of the above rendering, notice there are gates to an ACME Factory. Call me crazy, but I think there could be a dark ride back there through the ACME factory with Looney Tunes characters.

It looks like Bedrock has been re-imagined as a waterfall area for the park. In the distance, you’ll see a sign for The Flintstones River Adventure, a boat ride starring my favorite childhood vitamin characters.

You can see the layout for the ride just above the suspended coaster in the artwork above.

Easily the most exciting area of the park will be the attractions and lands featuring DC Comics characters. If you look in the back of the above artwork, you’ll see the Hall of Justice. If you look closely, that building has quite some depth to it and isn’t just a facade.

I believe we will see a dark ride featuring the Justice League characters. More importantly, that circular blue glowing room just below that dark ride.  Wonder what that could be? What DC Comic character is associated with blue? Guesses?

Now we get to what is easily my favorite part of the park: Gotham City. Batman (and his villains) will have a huge presence in this park. Based on the above concept artwork, you can see attractions based on The Riddler, Mr. Freeze, and the Joker.

However, I believe this park’s signature attraction will be a Batman ride of some sort. It only makes sense if the villains get their own rides that he gets one too. There is an awful lot of room in that corner of the park for a dark ride (or three) that goes beyond what the park layout shows.

If you’d like to check my work, I’ll just leave this other image that leaked for you to ponder. Let us hope they release more details soon!

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Images Copyright: Warner Brothers Abu Dhabi Theme Park

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