Six Flags Continues To Have Serious Dress Code Issues

TPU brought you a story in 2015 about how a woman entering Six Flags Over Georgia was denied entry because her belly button was exposed. More on that later. This year, Six Flags has moved up… to cleavage.


Bina Ramesh is an annual passholder to Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey. In July 2016, she was denied entry into the park via a security guard who informed her that her shirt (pictured above) was inappropriate. According to the security guard, her shirt was see through and you could see her blue bandeau underneath. Per protocol, Ramesh was offered to visit a Six Flags gift shop and purchase an appropriate shirt so she could enjoy her visit to the park. Instead?

Six Flags Dress Code

She went to the parking lot and swapped shirts with her boyfriend and was granted access. She posted this to social media regarding the incident, “My intent on sharing this story was to receive acknowledgement from the park that I was unjustly treated and to prevent this type of situation from occurring in the future, which seems to have been accomplished. This experience shed light on a serious improper judgement and training of policies to the park officers.”

Six Flags issued the following apology after the story swept through social media: “We are extremely sorry for the experience you had while at the park. Our goal is for all of our guests to have a fun visit and we understand this was not the case for you. Our team members are trained, and then asked to use their judgement in carrying out our policies. These particular officers did not use good judgement and there is no reason you should have been denied entry.”

Ramesh is glad she got the response from Six Flags and says she will return to Great Adventure. This seems to be a recurring theme with Six Flags, who appears to routinely ban people from the park for inappropriate clothing choices, which is often in the eyes of the beholder. Take, for example, Gina Rivera who was banned from Six Flags Over Georgia last year for wearing a shirt that exposed her belly button.

Six Flags Over Georgia Bra

The top on the left was what she wore to the park and was denied entry with. Yet, the top on the right is what she bought from the gift shop and was allowed to wear in the park, which exposed her bra. In this case, Six Flags not only stood by their decision but seemed to mysteriously change their dress code policy overnight after the incident happened. Check out the screenshot I took below from Six Flags Over Georgia’s website from last year one day after Rivera was told her top was inappropriate.

Six Flags Over Georgia

This really happened. Not to mention, I couldn’t find a single other Six Flags park with the same belly button rule. Fast forward to 2016 and head on over to the Six Flags Over Georgia’s website to peruse their dress code policy now and what do we find?

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 6.15.06 PM

Poof! It has magically disappeared yet again. On a recent visit to Six Flags Over Georgia, I saw belly buttons running wild all over the park. The world continues to spin. I’d like to remind everyone that in the United States, a business is absolutely allowed to deny access to a customer based on their attire. Certain theme parks want to keep it family-friendly and certain night clubs want to keep it scandalous, but I digress.


The question is… why does this keep happening?  Why does Six Flags feel the need to thwart off these evil bandeaus and belly buttons for the sake of the greater good? I’ve had several people reach out to me and tell me they had similar situations happen to them. For their sake, I didn’t post a story because they didn’t want the publicity. Totally understandable. Will we ever move forward as a society or will a dress code be a weapon for security guard to abuse their power?  Your thoughts?

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