Ride Sims 2 Gives A Glimpse Of How Attractions Are Operated

Admittedly, I’m not a huge gamer. I’ll play a few old-school classic video games, but that’s about the extent of it. However, there is one game that I could spend hours playing and not even realize how much time has evaporated. Fans of the original Ride Sims online game know what I’m talking about. Now they’re back with Ride Sims 2!

In case you missed it, the original Ride Sims was a game where you could operate a famous attraction. The simulation gave not only a bird’s eye view of the ride/layout, it also let you dispatch vehicles, open and close pre-show doors and even fix maintenance issues as they arise.

While the original Ride Sims was fun to play, version 2 comes with new ride simulations from around the world with more to be added.

While I recognize that this kind of game isn’t for everyone, I do recommend sticking with it for a bit to get the hang of it. Since the controls are all via keyboard, my #1 tip is to print those instructions out and have them next to your computer for easy reference. A simple keystroke can open up a track switch, dispatch a train or lift up lap bars.

I recently got a chance to ask some questions to the team that has created Ride Sims 2 to find out what goes into making these unique, custom and fairly accurate games. Here is our interview below!

I remember playing Ride Sims a few years ago and now you’re back with Ride Sims 2! What happened between the original version and this one?

A lot has happened since V1 to V2, after all, it has been at least 3 years! Ride Sims 1.0 became a very demanding site to maintain, keep fresh and it was very expensive to keep going. Ride Sims 1.0 was built as a very simple platform for us to share simulations we had made for ourselves in our spare time, for others to enjoy. However when you’re trying to study at University and get a job, time and money is very much against you. Now things have settled, our passion to keep making simulations has returned, so we set out to create new simulations and designed a brand new way to create an brand new easier to maintain and more engaging Ride Sims 2.0 simulation platform.

How do you go about finding how the rides work in the first place?

Good question. We blag it! To be honest we’re huge enthusiasts and from years of playing theme park games and going to theme parks around the world you pick up a lot of knowledge on how roller coasters and attractions work. Most rides operate in very similar ways which makes it easy to observe rides when riding them and see their ins and outs. The challenge is then replicating those in flash simulation form that is realistic yet also engaging. Not every ride would make a fun simulation. Users want lots of buttons to be pressing with little waiting time. Imagine operating a tea cups ride with a 2 minute cycle, that isn’t the most engaging. However a ride with multiple trains, high throughputs that is going to keep you on your toes to keep going!

Are the operating panels and startup/breakdown procedures accurate to the actual rides they represent?

We wanted to add a level of accuracy to simulations and engagement for our users to learn that rides aren’t as easy as just hitting ‘go’. Therefore we added in a Ride Sims standard start up method which engineers and operators would also have to do – whilst our standard method is not accurate for each simulation it is a basic start up procedure for users to simulate powering up an attraction.

From turning the power key, setting the system modes and dealing with virtual breakdowns. Downtime is something all attractions will encounter at times and can slow down operations for the operator. Therefore we created a few moments where virtual breakdowns may occur. We have not specified the breakdown type in each sim specifically but focused on ways to cause disruptions that makes the operator think about their next move.

What is the goal of Ride Sims 2? To give people who have never operated a ride a better understanding of how it works? 

You got it, Ride Sims 2.0 is our way of sharing our creations we love making as well as being a tool for others to learn how rides operate through hands on game play. Only a limited number of people will ever actually operate a real ride and Ride Sims hopes to educate users through entertaining game play and maybe even inspire them to apply to their local theme park to become ride operator in the future!

What rides do you plan on adding in the future?

We plan to bring back many of the previous simulations from V1.0 however most of them require a complete rebuild to fit the new style of the website and operating procedures. These refurbs will take time and we also want to bring some newer simulations to 2.0, so you’ll be seeing a mix of new and old every so often.

Patreon supporters can gain access to Ride Sims Plus where they can follow our latest blog posts revealing upcoming simulations, top operating tips. V.I.P members can also gain BETA access a month before launch of new simulations.

Many thanks to the creators of Ride Sims 2 for the interview! If you’d like to give it a shot yourself, click this link!

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    I loved the classic Ride Sims and had played them before I ever became a ride operator. Unfortunately the 2.0 version of the website doesn’t seem work from China. I can’t get past the registration page, so I am guessing that the site is using a Google Capacha that is not available here.

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