Photos of Abandoned Hard Rock Park in Myrtle Beach

The similarities between Hard Rock Park and the Titanic are downright creepy. Giant plans, lots of investments, large budgets and as nearly as soon as it starts to take off, it sank. Theme Park University readers know that I covered the evolution of the park extensively here, from unused concepts to what lead to the eventual demise.

Gates used to enter Hard Rock Park

Even though the park did close in 2008, it did try and resurrect itself under the name Freestyle Amusement Park in 2009. This branding under new management also managed to only last one summer before it folded as well.

Since then, all the rides have been sold off to other parks one by one around the globe. The grounds, however, remain rotting for the world to see. Lucky for us, a Theme Park University reader sent us a some photos of the abandoned Hard Rock Park that we are able to share with you today. Many thanks to national bohemian on Instagram for sending along their personal photos of the park as of January 2017.

This archway stood at the entrance of the park’s British Revolution area. This shot is taken facing the All Access Plaza, which served as the main entrance to the park.

Deeper into the park, you can see the street directionals remain in the British Revolution remain.




You can see just how overgrown the abandoned Hard Rock Park has become. Lots of overgrown shrubbery and weeds.




Probably the most disheartening thing to see in the park is how much graffiti has taken over. Check out the former entrance to Nights In White Satin: The Trip. For reference, here is what the face looked like in the summer of 2008.

And here is what it looks like now.

Just next door is where the former Roadies Stunt Show took place.


The lake around which the park was built is still there! The stand where for former neon guitar sat still exists too.


The stadium which housed the Malibu Beach Party show (known as Adrenaline Rush for Freestyle Amusement Park) remains largely untouched.




Finally, we have some photos from the All Access Plaza, which served as the park’s Main Street.



Part of me is disheartened to see the park like this, but then again, it’s kind of nice to know it still exists in some form. Your thoughts?

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Images Copyright: HRP USA, National Bohemian Instagram

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