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Orlando Theme Parks Fill To Capacity Over Holidays – Amnesia Ensues

I’ve got a secret to share, but you can’t let this out. I’m serious. No one can know this except us. I’ve noticed a pattern that I don’t think many people have picked up on. It seems that every year, without fail, Orlando theme parks fill to capacity and get insanely crowded between Christmas and New Years.

Now I don’t know if it’s the egg nog, cold weather or simply evolution circling the drain, but it seems that every year this is a shock to people. Strangely, it seems that people who frequent the parks this time of year often think they have come up with this genius idea because who would want to go to the Magic Kingdom on Christmas?

Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade

Answer: everyone.  Now I understand growing up with the Disney Parks Christmas Parade and seeing it on Christmas morning every year and wanting to be a part of it. Indeed, there are people who show up on Main Street every year waiting for the cameras to roll out. Truth is, the parade hasn’t been broadcast live in over 20 years, but who’s counting? Not all theme park goers read the blogs who show pictures of the taping being done weeks in advance.

What amazes me is the amount of theme parks fans who somehow develop amnesia every year around the holidays. Strangely enough, many people who I’ve known for years and follow this industry, will post pictures of Soarin’ being a three hour or more wait with the caption: #insanity!

Insane? Perhaps, but keep in mind that the lines will be just as intense next year. Theme parks are always busy during the holidays and slow down drastically shortly after January 1. A few more predictions for 2016 while I am at it: people will camp out for Black Friday sales days in advance, Apple will unveil a new iPhone and the McRib will make its triumphant return. Yet they will all make the news just like theme parks being busy for the holidays… as if this has never happened before. Your thoughts?

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