New Theme Park in Malaysia to Feature Smurfs, Dreamworks and More

Alright, I know this sounds crazy, but here me out on this. Do you remember that park I told you about opening up later this year? The one in Dubai called motiongate that features characters from the Smurfs, Dreamworks, Sony Pictures and Lionsgate?  Well, it seems there is a park using similar-ish properties opening in Malaysia very soon as well.


Movie Animation Park Studios (or MAPS, as it often referred to) is a smaller park in Malaysia that is over 80% completed and opening relatively soon. Much like motiongate, MAPS will feature attractions that utilize intellectual properties like the Smurfs and DreamWorks Animation characters.

MAPS Malaysia

Except unlike motiongate, which has rights to “Shrek,” “Madagascar,” and “How to Train Your Dragon…” MAPS seemed to get the lesser known films like “The Croods,” “Megamind” and “Casper’s Birthday Wish.”

MAPS Malaysia

There will also be a stunt show featuring cars and motorcycles that don’t seem to have any movie tie-in of any kind, as well as a few areas with cartoons I am unfamiliar with like BoBoiBoy.  Regardless, the park has some interesting concept art.

MAPS Malaysia


MAPS Malaysia

The park has several pictures of the progress that has already been made posted to social media. It’s clearly a modest park, but could have potential for doing well in Malaysia.


MAPS Malaysia


MAPS Malaysia


MAPS Malaysia

We are going to keep tabs on MAPS and keep track of the progress as it nears opening!


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Images Copyright: MAPS Malaysia


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