Daredevil Climbs Roller Coaster With No Safety Equipment – Gets Banned For Life

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, you’re going to want to see this. No matter how much of a thrill seeker you are, this will make your heart stop. Recently, while perusing YouTube, I came across a video of a young man who goes by Ally Law.  A quick glance at his channel and you’ll see that he seems to get a kick out of climbing things that are extremely dangerous without permission.

Law decided to jump several fences in order to gain access to Thorpe Park in the United Kingdom so he could climb a roller coaster called Stealth.  For those unfamiliar, Stealth is an 80-mph Intiman launched coaster that travels straight up 210 feet of track. If you’ve never experienced it before, check out the quick POV video below.

It seems that Law broke into the park at the crack of dawn to climb Stealth. The video below gives an idea of what that experience was like going up. Keep in mind, during his entire climb, he seemed to be unnoticed by security officials working in the park.

Just looking at the thumbnail freaks me out. Anyway, his climb back down was much more lengthy and sure enough, security and law enforcement were waiting for him by the time he got back down. Not only was he banned from Thorpe Park for life, he was also banned from every Merlin Entertainments attraction worldwide.  Was it worth it? According to him, probably so.

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Editor’s Note: We do not condone these actions. Not only is it crazy dangerous, getting banned from dozens of attractions worldwide seems ridiculous. However, the video is interesting.

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