Could Skyplex Orlando Be Getting A Lionsgate Theme Park Attached To It?

You remember Skyplex Orlando, right? The insanely tall roller coaster attached to a tower that was supposed to pop up years ago off of International Drive? While many thought the project might be dead (jury is still out), they seem to be courting Lionsgate movie studio for an IP branded indoor theme park to go along with it. Let’s dive in!

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Before we start, we need to make this abundantly clear: this is only considered rumor at this point. Anything in this article is rumor/speculation. That said, there seem to be some strong indicators that a Lionsgate theme park added to Skyplex Orlando.

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For those unfamiliar, Skyplex Orlando goes all the way back to 2014. Plans were announced that a 570-foot tower would be built with the world’s tallest roller coaster winding around it. Later on, a drop tower attraction was also announced for the structure as well.

The size of the tower created many headlines in 2015. Many residents of the area didn’t want a coaster that tall to be placed on International Drive. Then, out of nowhere, Universal Orlando Resort also stood up and said they were also against Skyplex Orlando. As it turns out, they were slowly buying up parcels of land across from the Skyplex.

It was pretty easy to see that Universal was looking to expand into the area known (formerly? currently?) as Universal’s Epic Universe. The height of the Orlando Skyplex would be able to be seen from within Universal’s new park which would be tricky to camouflage when it’s not your property to begin with.

It seems that Universal Orlando has breathed a collective sigh of relief as Skyplex Orlando slowly has faded into the background over the last few years. No construction, no announcements and even the section of Mango’s Orlando which featured Skyplex (owned by the same company) was taken down.

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That is until yesterday. Several Theme Park University readers reached out to me about potential plans for a Lionsgate Theme Park that is being pitched. If the information is correct, the team at Orlando Skyplex has had issues securing investors. Adding an Intellectual Property (especially a movie studio) is a sure-fire way to get attention for investors. Especially in a market that is as competitive as Orlando.

Essentially, the Skyplex would still be built with a giant roller coaster and drop tower under this new proposal. However, a 3-story indoor theme park would hug the exterior bottom section of the tower making it more of a half-day or even a full day attraction.

What attractions could we see in this Lionsgate Theme Park in Orlando? I don’t think those have even been fleshed out yet. At this point in the process, it’s all about feasibility studies and how much market share this park could get. Then you get some investors on board, then you can start to work with how much money you’ve got to play with.

If this story doesn’t sound familiar, it should. Long time readers of Theme Park University may remember our series on Hard Rock Park. A project that started off as a modest amusement park that ballooned in size due to investors requiring IP in order to fork over the cash to build it. Could it be a cautionary tale for the folks at Orlando Skyplex? Time will tell.

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