Cirque du Soleil Theme Park in Mexico Gets Downgraded To Dinner Show – Plus Rides?

If you bought a Vidanta timeshare in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico, I hope you’re sitting down. It seems that the Cirque du Soleil theme park you were promised (to open in 2018) is now being downgraded to a Cirque branded dinner show.

This may come as no surprise to Theme Park University readers. Earlier this year, we called the project in Nuevo Vallarta “The Fyre Festival” of theme parks. With the misinformation that was being given to not only people who bought a timeshare, but to the public and the press, the deeper you dig the more bizarre and infuriating it gets. I highly recommend checking out all of our earlier articles about this project from original announcement to present day. It continues to be an interesting ride.

First, let’s talk about what has been announced in the last week. Most recently, it seems that Vidanta and Cirque du Soleil are partnering together again for another dinner/show concept for the Nuevo Vallarta property. With Joya being a success, this comes as no surprise. The new (currently unnamed) show that was just announced has the exact same amount of seats (600) and also has an optional dinner experience to coincide with the new aquatic based show. Currently, it is projected to open in 2021.

Vidanta made some headlines at the 2019 IAAPA expo in Orlando. Apparently they have partnered with Dopplemeyer (who manufactured Walt Disney World’s Skyliner) to create their own gondola transportation system at Nuevo Vallarta. In total there will be five stations stretched across four miles to connect visitors from the beach to the resort to the park and back.

In addition, Vidanta purchased two rides from Intamin. The first is a 40-meter parachute drop ride. The second is a 45-meter in diameter “coaster wheel” which will be similar to Mickey’s Fun Wheel at Disney California Adventure.

Sounds great, right? If you’ve been following this project for as long as we have, your first reaction to all this news should be “I’ll believe it when I see it”. You’d have good reason to be skeptical.

Indeed, it seems that the website from Vidanta’s Nuevo Vallarta resort still lists “The Parks” as their themed entertainment project that’s coming eventually. A lot of this reflects Cirque du Soleil branding and outdated concept art photos, yet it is still being sold as what is coming in the future as of the writing of this article.

More recently, this image popped up in the November 2019 Vidanta magazine that is passed out to guests staying at (and who own timeshares) on their various properties. Is this a finished concept art sketch that we can hope to see when the park opens? Don’t get too used to it, because…..

Thanks to a Theme Park University reader, this was recently uncovered on a website that specializes in branding. Perhaps, the new name of this project will be known as Vidanta World? More importantly, while some of the elements are similar to the previous piece of concept art I just showed you, notice the castle perched atop the ridiculously tall mountain. Different color scheme and different design. So which one is it? Will we see a castle at all once this thing is built? One thing is for sure, this is one of the most interesting stories we have ever covered at Theme Park University and it’s far from over. Your thoughts?

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