5 Things We Know about the Walking Dead Ride

To get the inside scoop on the new Walking Dead ride, I was able to catch up with the Creative Director at the Sally Corporation Rich Hill. As it turns out, the top brass at the AMC Network was scoping out the vendors at the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) in 2014.

The Walking Dead Ride

When visiting the Sally Corporation’s booth, they noticed an attraction concept they were trying to sell called Zombie Apocalypse. After explaining the attraction to the AMC Network’s top brass, they asked, “Well do you think this can be modified to represent ‘The Walking Dead’ television series?”


After a few months of negotiations, the Sally Corporation obtained exclusive rights to create The Walking Dead: Battle For Survival for parks around the world. While we don’t know exact details, we did gather a lot of information from Rich Hill about the upcoming attraction. So here are five things we definitely know.


#5 It Won’t Be Near Hollywood or Orlando

Walking Dead Haunted House

Due to contracts with Universal Studios for Halloween Horror Nights, The Walking Dead attraction can’t be within a close proximity to their parks. Therefore you won’t find it near Los Angeles or Orlando, but that literally leaves the rest of the world open as a possibility.


“We have actually received a lot of interest in this ride,” explained Hill. “So much that we may have to choose what parks get one first. We are just one facility and can only put so many into production. It’s a very exciting time for us.”


#4 Each Park’s Version Might Be Slightly Different

The Walking Dead Ride

In total, 11 different scenes have been designed for this ride, but that doesn’t mean you’ll see all of them when the attraction opens. The storyline for the ride isn’t linear, but rather a flow to familiar locations in the series. You might be on the streets of Atlanta in one scene, in Hershel’s farm the next and perhaps after that you’re in Woodbury after it’s been burned.


Depending on the park, their budget, the size of the building and various other factors, the attraction may differ slightly from one location to another. Combine that with scenes being rearranged depending on those factors, the ride could be somewhat different from park to park.


#3 Choose Your Weapon

The Walking Dead Ride

Sure, you’ll be killing zombies like it’s your job, but you’ll have to choose your weapons wisely. Thanks for buttons placed in front of each rider, you’ll be able to choose what weapon works best. Perhaps a spear for a zombie who is very close to your ride vehicle or a crossbow for one who’s lurking in the distance. The choice is yours and each weapon will have a unique reaction to how it interacts with the game.


#2 No Characters From The Walking Dead

Walking Dead Ride

Considering “The Walking Dead” will continue going for years to come, the folks at AMC didn’t want to add a character to the ride that might later get killed. Fans of the show will tell you, even the most beloved characters can be written off in a moments notice. That means you’ll be experiencing The Walking Dead: Battle For Survival in the first person. Your job is to go out and grab supplies, ya know, without getting eaten.


#1 Alternate Endings

The Walking Dead Ride

Most interactive dark rides will allow you to find hidden targets and uncover new details you may not have seen your first or even fifth time through. While this ride will have those elements, you will also get one of two endings at the end of the ride. Either you live… or you die. Depending on how well you and your fellow passengers kill those zombies, you’ll have a definite answer upon exiting if you can truly survive a zombie apocalypse. Stay tuned for future announcements as more information is released!


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