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Is Pokemon Taking Over An Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man Attraction?

Some way, some how Pokemon will find its way into a Universal Studios Park. If what we are hearing is correct, Pikachu and the gang are going to evict Peter Parker from their NYC digs at Universal Studios Japan.  Wasn’t there supposed to be another Pokemon attraction opening at a Universal Park? Yes, many have

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Why Is Universal’s Mario Kart Ride So Slow?

Today’s question has been asked quite a bit. Here’s an email I got from John: “Good afternoon, I’m a big fan of TPU and love your content. I was wondering your opinion of the Mario Kart attraction at Universal Studios Japan. I mean maybe the ride through video doesn’t do it justice, no doubt of that. I just want to

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5 Questions Answered About Universal Studio Japan’s Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge

With all the press images that have been released recently from Universal Studios Japan, it seems to raise more questions than it answers. With the announcement of Super Nintendo World opening on February 4, 2021, we now have more official photographs of the new land which is making fans salivate. Yet, for every “holy crap,

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BREAKING: Super Nintendo World To Open at Universal Studios Japan February 4, 2021

We finally have an opening date for Universal Studios Japan most anticipated new land: Super Nintendo World! The park recently announced that it will officially open to the public on February 4, 2021! The image above was just released by Universal Studios Japan! The colors truly pop! The centerpiece of the new land will be

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What Secrets Are The Leaked Promotional Images for Universal’s Mario Kart Hiding?

You may have seen some promotional images of the new Mario Kart attraction slated to open at Universal Studios Japan recently. Technically, the attraction was supposed to be open by now. However, the pandemic has put a strain on that and it’s unknown when that will happen. The images gives us an idea of what

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Could This New Coaster Be Universal’s Mario Kart Ride System?

A new coaster has opened in Japan that seems to have fallen under the radar of many theme park fans. A lesser-known park in Japan called Suzuka Circuit just opened a first-of-its-kind roller coaster that very well could be a game changer. It’s a duel-racing layout that gives “drivers” some control of how the car

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Unique Japanese Attractions and Culture Featured on Yukendoit’s YouTube Channel

When I find something truly unique that catches my eye, I crow about it. Admittedly, I don’t do a lot of surfing of fan sites and vlogs simply because they are extremely repetitive. Recently, I stumbled across a YouTube channel that covers attractions in Japan (and around the globe) that I have never even heard

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Zombie Attractions Still Hot for 2015

Zombies just never die. It seems that the public can’t get enough of the undead. All over the world, there are new attractions being announced featuring flesh eaters. We start in Japan. For the third consecutive year, Universal Studios Japan has created an interactive walk-through attraction based on the Biohazard video game series (known as Resident Evil

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The Dark Restaurant Combines Fine Dining And Chills to Halloween Horror Nights At Universal Studios Japan

For the second consecutive year, Universal Studios Japan will be adding a unique dining option found only at the Halloween Horror Nights in Osaka this fall. The Dark Restaurant will deliver guests into a terror-filled, yet delicious meal filled with surprises throughout. As the story goes, a once world-renowned chef has risen from the grave

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Cutting Edge Zombie Attractions

Zombie Attraction England

In our latest article, we take a look at zombie attractions around the world. Haunted houses are moving in a totally new immersive direction. Guests are no longer in an experience where actors are just jumping out for scares, you can now fight back!

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