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Think Stephen King’s “It” is Scary? Meet Laffing Sal

With the recent resurgence¬†of interest in clowns thanks to Stephen King’s novel “It” getting a reboot in theaters, I figured I’d share a clown that scares me in theme parks. I’m talking about Laffing Sal (also spelled Laughing Sal depending on which figure you’re talking about), the creepy robotic figure used in fairs, boardwalks and

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Using Theme Parks As Babysitters

Whether you know it or not, theme parks double as baby sitters for kids and teenagers. This is not a “once in a while” problem. Guaranteed, for every day of operation, every single theme park in North America has children dropped off and left unsupervised. From destination parks like Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando

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The Confusion of Front of the Line Offerings In Theme Parks

Waiting in line sucks. No matter if you are at the grocery store, grabbing a bite to eat or at the DMV getting your driver’s license renewed, it seems that your life slips away as you trudge forward ever so slowly. No matter what theme park you visit on the planet, the number one complaint

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Modernizing The Auto Race Attraction At Kennywood

Originally built in 1928, Kennywood’s Auto Race attraction was an engineering marvel for its time. Thanks to an electric current that runs along the length of the track, each vehicle is individually powered and requires no gas and has no emissions unlike most racing/driving attractions seen today. While various hills in the track have been

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Kennywood To Add First Full Service Restaurant in Thirty Years

At first glance, adding a Johnny Rockets to one of America’s oldest and most historic amusement parks like Kennywood might sound sacrilegious. Located just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Kennywood not only prides itself in its own rich nostalgia, it’s also an actual historical landmark. Nearly every single ride, restaurant and even bathroom is marked with

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