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Could Immersive Theater be Merging with With Theme Parks in Disney’s Star Wars Land

I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time and I think we are on the cusp of it finally happening. Immersive theater, which I believe is the most exciting form of entertainment out there today, may finally have some elements mixed in with Disney’s new Star Wars land when it opens in 2019.

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Images of Modern America – Magic Mountain Chronicles America’s First Theme Park After Disney

Most likely if you hear Magic Mountain, you think of the Six Flags Park in California, right? Nothing wrong with that, but today we are going to take a history lesson about an entirely different Magic Mountain. This one so happens to be in Denver, Colorado and opened in 1957. Keep in mind, after Disneyland

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“Illusionists: Turn of the Century” Features Nod to Disneyland Nostalgia

October 1986 was an end of an era for Disneyland. One of the longest running stage shows in theme park history, the “Golden Horseshoe Revue” gave its final bow after running over 30 years since Disneyland opened in 1955. A salute to vaudeville featuring some of the most talented performers to ever grace a stage.

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Shanghai Disneyland Breaks Ground on Toy Story Land

As Theme Park University predicted during our visit prior to the official opening of Shanghai Disneyland, Toy Story Land was recently confirmed for the next phase of the park. Recently, a ground-breaking ceremony for the new land was attended by executives from the Walt Disney Company, as well as Shanghai Shendi, Disney’s operating partner for

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Haunted Mansion Stretch Portrait and More Disneyland Memoribilia up for Auction

Are you a huge fan of Disneyland? Do you collect rare and unique items that only a hardcore fan can appreciate? Does your money often spontaneously ignite for no apparent reason, burning a hole in your pocket? If you answered yes to all these questions, then you need to check out Van Eaton Galleries latest

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Disneyland Welch’s Grape Juice Stand has Small Homage in Shanghai Disneyland Hotel

Here is an interesting and obscure piece of trivia I found while poking around the incredible Shanghai Disneyland Hotel recently. Just off the main lobby is a small bar known as the Bacchus Lounge, which is named after the character in the original “Fantasia” film. This is a clever idea to create a bar that

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10 Videos Proving Why You Need to Visit Shanghai Disneyland

Now that Shanghai Disneyland is officially open, I’d like to share some of the videos we shot while visiting the resort. Without question, if you are a Disney fan, it is worth the visit. The attention to detail and unique attractions make it my second favorite Disney park in the world, just behind Disneyland. Pirates

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Shanghai Disneyland Merchandise Unique for Chinese Audiences

One of my biggest gripes when traveling to theme parks outside of the United States is the lack of unique merchandise offerings found within the international parks. However, I was pleasantly surprised to learn there is a lot of Shanghai Disneyland merchandise that has been made exclusively for that park. Today, per the request of

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Video – Shanghai Disneyland’s Once Upon A Time Adventure in HD

One of my favorite attractions in Shanghai Disneyland was the Once Upon A Time Adventure found inside Storybook Castle. An update on Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty Castle Walkthrough, which is charming and beautiful in it’s own right. This attraction pulses guests through in groups of around twenty from scene to scene and even features interactive elements.

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10 Frequently Asked Questions About Visiting Shanghai Disneyland

Since returning from Shanghai Disneyland, I have been asked by several friends, readers, and relatives to answer some questions about what the park is like and traveling tips. What follows is a list of questions I have been asked thus far, so I hope this helps. What travel documents do I need in order to

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