Unique Japanese Attractions and Culture Featured on Yukendoit’s YouTube Channel

When I find something truly unique that catches my eye, I crow about it. Admittedly, I don’t do a lot of surfing of fan sites and vlogs simply because they are extremely repetitive. Recently, I stumbled across a YouTube channel that covers attractions in Japan (and around the globe) that I have never even heard of called Yukendoit.

Scott Yuken creates what are easily my favorite attraction videos on the web to date. Sure, there are videos focusing on parks like Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea.

But it goes far beyond that, like covering special events at Universal Studios Japan. For example, Yukendoit covered the last operating day of Back to the Future: The Ride in USJ and the amount of people who came out dressed up is insane. Truly different fan response than when their American counterparts closed the doors to the Institute of Future Technology. The costumes and dedication that was put into the final day is insane! You have to watch the video below.

Personally, I am a fan of seeing the attractions that get very little coverage in the western side of the planet. For example, I’ve seen a decent amount of coverage on Sega Joyplois. However, nearly all of them focus on just the rides and not the overall attraction. Until seeing the videos posted on Yukendoit, I genuinely had no idea what being at the indoor park was actually like.

From here on out, I’ll tell you the real reason why you should subscribe to the Yukendoit YouTube page. Scott, the creator and star of these videos, creates these wonderful pieces on haunted houses, shrines and attractions I have never come close to hearing about anywhere else. Take, for example the video below about one of the craziest arcades on the planet. I can’t even wrap my head around how well done the theming is, nor fathom why it even exists.


And that video is the essence of what I love about this particular YouTube channel. I learn a little bit of history, throw in some culture and some incredible attractions and destinations and you can start to see why I’m becoming obsessed with this channel.

Here is another one I have only heard about, but always wanted to see what the inside looks like. The Lockup is a prison-themed restaurant located in Tokyo. Diners actually enjoy their meals inside jail cells while being accosted by various costumed scare actors, strobe lights and really strange music. Now if you think that’s not too crazy, how about a museum dedicated to poop and the sewer system? The Japanese have an interesting fascination about poop as many of the Yukendoit videos document.

Finally I’ll leave you with a video that just showcases some of the unique cultural aspects of what living in Japan is like. Apparently, on New Years Eve,  there is a river (it looks pretty gross) that various party goers literally jump into with a huge crowd of onlookers cheering them on.

Yukendoit creates videos that celebrate history, culture and life. The tone is not pretentious or judging, instead it embraces different points of view and heritage from an open-minded view point. It’s refreshing to see so many new things that I have never even heard of embraced in such a unique way. Seriously, go check out the videos I posted above and there are dozens more on their YouTube page.

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