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TPU Review: Manor Professional Wrestling Dinner Theatre

Greetings, Students! Your esteemed faculty has just returned from an inspirational retreat, exploring the creative limits of the interactive genre.

We have long been united by our love for dinner attractions – the more challenging and unusual, the better. So when word reached us of a new local dining experience we were soon on the phone, making plans to attend. Accustomed to horse shows, period revues, exotic displays and – all too often – a mediocre meal with show to match, our curiosity was definitely piqued when we read about Central Florida’s latest spectacular:

Manor Professional Wrestling Dinner Theatre:

Professional Wrestling with Class & Character

Manor Professional Wrestling delivers wrestling with class and character in a unique, professional way. Our independent wrestling promotion provides tourist, local fans and groups with professional wrestling entertainment, as they enjoy a plated dinner at an upscale Hotel or Resort.

Neither I nor Professor Young are wrestling fans; the full extent of our violent experiences amounts to some elementary school bullying and one divorce. Nevertheless we were intrigued at the prospect of a themed evening built around Professional Wrestling, so we attended with eager anticipation. And had a great time!

May Wrestling Dinner Show

Like any themed evening, there’s a dramatic backstory for the show…

In 2012 the Manor was built to honor the Manor Medallion. Lord Good used the Manor to entertain people of the Blue Village. To thank them for their good deeds, he would invite the best talent from around the world to perform for them. But across the river lived Lord Evil and the people of the Red Village. He was always jealous of Lord Good, so he took it upon himself to cast a spell upon the Manor…

There’s more, but the plain fact is this: lacking a permanent location, Manor Professional Wrestling Dinner Theatre performs once a month in one of Central Florida’s luxurious resorts. With time, I believe this exciting evening might find a home which will more accurately reflect the producer’s vivid imagination.

Instead, the setting for our evening was a lovely convention/meeting space of the type found in every first class resort. Dining tables set for a fine meal flanked a full-size wrestling ring. Sightlines were excellent and the lighting purely functional.

Our hosts were Lord Darkness and Lady Golden Eyes, pictured here with Professor Young during one of the evening’s quieter moments.

Manor Pro Wrestling

Lord Darkness, ‘Crusher’ Young & Lady Golden Eyes

After some intense banter between the hosts, the first two challengers were introduced. There were five bouts this evening, using a lot of creative staging and audience interaction. For me, the best part was the individual characters put on by the wrestlers. Some were very funny, some ferocious and some just plain weird… but all of them were totally entertaining and made the evening a whole lot of fun from beginning to end!

Manor Pro WrestlingManor Professional Wrestling Dinner TheaterManor Professional Wrestling Dinner Theater


The Manor Professional Wrestling Dinner Show started with an idea from entrepreneur Bryan Smith. “I started Manor in 2012 and didn’t want just a normal wrestling show. So I tried a dinner show to see how it would work. The results were better than I thought they would be and I felt this can take off if I do it right.

“My goal is for Manor Sports Entertainment to be a dining experience that you can’t get anywhere else. From acting, wrestling and music… we are looking to house it all under one roof with great food.”

The meal we enjoyed was on a par with other themed show meals… but the dessert was vastly superior, a gourmet cheesecake that really satisfied! And the price was about half of what’s being charged at other dinner shows. For those who just want to enjoy a fun and exciting wrestling event, half-price tickets are available for ringside seats without the meal. Either way, it’s a bargain and more than suitable for the kiddees!

Manor Professional Wrestling Dinner Theater

For more information, including upcoming show dates and locations, booking information (and how experienced wrestlers can apply to participate in future competitions!) visit http://www.manorprowrestling.com.

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    On behalf of Manor Sports Entertainment – We are honored to have receive a review from accredited critics from Theme Park University. As we aim to be give our guest a unique dining experience like no other, this article will give them a reason why not to miss Manor Professional Wrestling Dinner Theater.

    Thank you
    Bryan Smith

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