Top 5 alpine slides and coasters on Earth

One of the greatest rides on the planet are scattered around the globe, but you’ll rarely find them in a theme park! For those unfamiliar, an alpine slide is a ride where a bobsled vehicle sits on a curved track usually on the side of a hill or a mountain and is powered by gravity to get to the bottom of a hill. An alpine coaster, on the other hand, is a similarly-styled vehicle that actually has upstop wheels (which roller coasters also have to prevent it from flying off the track) and follows along a more traditional coaster-style track.


Because they are mostly single-rider trains, these attractions are very low capacity and rarely found in theme parks due to low capacity. On the other hand, each alpine coaster or slide is completely unique and custom because they follow the terrain of the land they are built on. If you’ve never tried one, you absolutely have to. Here are our top five favorites.

#5 Switzerland Mountain Coaster

No matter how many rides you’ve been on, you just can’t beat natural scenery. Check out this incredible run through the Swiss Alps. What an amazing view!

#4 Mystic Mountain Jamaican Bobsled

Located in the jungles of Ocho Rios, this ride is based of the famous Jamaican Bobsled team. Who can forget “Cool Runnings?” Anyway, enjoy the ride!

#3 Mieders Alpine Coaster

This particular alpine coaster uses a center rail to grab on known as a monorail track. However, it may very well be the fastest of its kind in the world located in Austria.

#2 Funbob Alpine Coaster – Italy

Another monorail version, this coaster reaches a top speed of 30 mph and covers over 2,000 feet of track!

#1 Tobotronc – Andorra

Never heard of Andorra? That’s okay. It’s a tiny little principality between France and Spain, but it is home to the longest Alpine ride of it’s kind. This baby clocks in at just under 3.5 MILES long. It just keeps going and going and going. Seriously, if you haven’t ridden an alpine coaster, you haven’t lived!


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