The Republic Brings Immersive Theater And Gaming To Orlando May 2015

Out of any type of themed entertainment I have experienced over the last few years, immersive theater is the most exciting and unique by a long shot. Instead of the actors being on stage and the audience enjoying the show from the comfort of a plush seat, the entire space becomes a set. You’re in the actor’s space and they’re in yours.


Long time readers of TPU will know that I have written about many immersive theater experiences around the country, from Then She Fell, to The Speakeasy, Sleep No More and even The Victim Experience.

These advanced (and often very adult) theater concepts haven’t been attempted on a large scale mostly in Orlando because the tourists in this town expect nearly everything to be very family friendly and “safe”… Until now.

Copyright The Republic

Copyright The Republic

The Republic is shaping up to be one of the most unique immersive theater experiences done anywhere on the planet. Part theater, part game and dozens of ways to experience it.

Copyright The Republic

Copyright The Republic

Created by the same people that have created many of your favorite theme park attractions, this is not a haunted house. It’s not an escape room. It’s not a ride of any kind and most likely, it’s not like anything else you’ve ever done.

Copyright The Republic

Copyright The Republic

Guests, known as players, will be split from the rest of their party and required to use their own cunning and wit as they explore a new world being created exclusively for this show in an 18,000-square-foot building in downtown Orlando. In total, their will be 25 unique spaced in the building and they promise “interactive elements that change your very surroundings.”

Copyright The Republic

Copyright The Republic

The idea is to get players out of their comfort zone as they are asked to take on a specific role to inhabit this new world. During their journey, players will be deceived, mislead and possibly even kidnapped along the way. They are creating an original score that will complement The Republic and there are multiple endings that are possible, depending on the actions you take.

Copyright The Republic

Copyright The Republic

Currently the production team behind The Republic is seeking backers through a Kickstarter campaign in order to “plus” the experience even more. Rewards range anywhere from getting tickets to the show with special perks like going behind-the-scenes of The Republic to a trip to Greece with the creators to explore some of the Greek mythology that inspired the show.

Copyright The Republic

Copyright The Republic

Confused? Me too. Intrigued? So am I. Want to be there when it opens? I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Leading up to the opening, Theme Park University will be interviewing the creators and taking a behind-the-scenes look at how The Republic is coming together.


Meanwhile, if you’re interested in seeing a video of the progress made on The Republic so far, click here:

Also, make sure to follow their blog at: and follow their Facebook page:


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