Could You Survive The “Teen Slasher Movie” Immersive Experience?

If you’ve watched enough teen horror flicks, you know the drill before the movie begins. A group of careless almost adults ends up in a remote location far from cell phone reception, any other humans, and common sense. The characters in these movies are as cliche as they are timeless: the jock, the nerd, the slut, and so on. If you’ve ever wanted to live out one of these in real life, this fall in New York City, you will have your chance.

“Teen Slasher Movie” is being created by an immersive theater company known as 8 Players. And you guessed it, each performance is extremely intimate with the same amount of audience members as there are tentacles on an octopus.  The experience begins with a questionnaire after you buy your ticket. After everyone attending the performance submits their responses, the production team sends everyone a detailed character summary as well as suggested dress options.

Dressing up as your character is mandatory. No exceptions. What happens along the way? Where exactly does this performance take place? It’s all a mystery really. All I know is that you do come into contact with actors along the way and their past ventures are very well reviewed. Anyone in the New York area willing to give this one a shot? More info available here.

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