New Collaboration Lets Theme Park Style Fabricators Design Your Home – Even Animatronics!

How many times have you wanted to design something in your home that has a “theme park finish” to it? Me too. Now, one of the themed entertainment industry’s top fabrication companies has teamed up with an award-winning interior design company to do just that!

If you’ve ever been to virtually any theme park, you’ve likely encountered what The Companies of Nassal can do. Their attention to detail combined with their craftsmanship is pretty incredible. They have teamed up with Dream Vision Interiors to bring theme park quality themed spaces to your home.

These companies will bring to life environments that include game rooms, home theaters, pubs, jazz clubs, hobby rooms, casinos, soda and ice cream parlors and more.

“This partnership is an amazing opportunity for our clients, as it will allow them to have the same fabrication team who helped create some of the most iconic experiences in theme parks around the world to now create themed environments for their own home,” said Jim Duffy, Vice President and Senior Designer of Dream Vision Interiors. “With Dream Vision Interiors’ story-driven approach to designing the most creative, interactive and immersive environments you can imagine, and Nassal’s team taking those designs from paper to reality, the level of residential entertainment spaces has just entered a whole new level of creativity.”

Dream Vision Interiors’ creative team and project managers will focus on customer relations, immersive and interactive concepts, interior design, staging, prop development (including animatronics), and the overall creative intent and vision for each residential entertainment center. Nassal’s team will take the design from paper to reality and create custom fabricated elements for each individual project. 

Since 2020 was a year that hit the theme park vendor community hard, expansions like this will help The Companies of Nassal expand their offerings beyond theme parks to help them diversity. Themed home interiors are all the rage now. I am excited to see what this collaboration can design and build in the coming months! For more information on Dream Vision Interiors, powered by Nassal, visit!

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