Jim Henson’s Labyrinth Exhibit Walkthrough at the Center for Puppetry Arts

Theme Park University teamed up again with AdventureDragon.com to cover the launch of the Center for Puppetry Arts‘ new special Labyrinth exhibit that celebrates 30 years since the debut of the 1986 film. As one of my favorite childhood stories, I couldn’t wait to see the original props and puppets up close and personal, but I didn’t expect to be so immersed into the environment of Labyrinth that the exhibit was able to recreate.

Labyrinth exhibit

The Entrance

The entrance to the exhibit gives visitors the experience of stepping into a labyrinth just like the one in the film. The false brick walls appear slick and wet, and the attention to detail is striking. A painting of an endless passageway cleverly placed against adjacent walls of a small hallway recreates the endless corridor that frustrated Sarah when she first entered the labyrinth.

Labyrinth exhibit

labyrinth exhibit hallway goes on forever

Whether you turn to the left or the right, the labyrinth appears to just go on and on endlessly. And, just like in the film, the solution to finding a way inside lies in going neither left nor right but in walking straight towards the back wall…and then slipping off to another passageway on the right.

labyrinth exhibit

labyrinth exhibit go to the right

Of course, the little worm appears to show you the way. You can stop for a cuppa tea and meet the misses, too, if ya like.

labyrinth exhibit Ello dont go that way

Labyrinth exhibit ello the worm plaster cast

The Labyrinth Exhibit

Once inside, the Labyrinth exhibit brings you face to face with some of the most loved puppets from the film. Like the cheery ‘Ello worm. And Hoggle’s plaster head.

Labyrinth Exhibit Hoggle Plaster Head

And since a large part of the humor comes from the absurdity and incompetence of the goblins, we created a bit of goblin silliness of our own by having fun with some of the puppets. In true goblin spirit, of course.

“It was Jim Henson’s intention to provide action and excitement, but not actual violence, resulting in a true ‘battle of the absurd.’”

Labyrinth Exhibit Malicious Goblin Turtleneck Goblin

“Malicious Goblin” is this one’s official name, but I think Turtleneck Goblin suits him better.

Labyrinth Exhibit Fishlips

Or how about a kiss from “Fishlips”? John’s got the look down.

Labyrinth Exhibit Orange Riding Goblin

And the day is not complete until you’ve perfected your goblin mounting skills with “Orange Riding Goblin.” It’s a fine art we hear.

The crystal balls are surprisingly as mesmerizing in real life as in the film. Even though they remain completely stationary inside the glass display case, they appear as if they are constantly in motion. gifit_1473209419616

But none of them compare to The Junk Woman– my favorite of them all. She taught me about growing up and leaving things behind. Or taking things with you that you don’t want to carry. She taught me that sometimes it hurts to be a grown up, and she holds a special place in my heart.

“It’s not until you’re an older adult that you understand about the baggage of life.”

-Brian Henson, on The Junk Woman


Labyrinth Exhibit Junk Woman

The Labyrinth exhibit will be open until September 3, 2017 at the Center for Puppetry Arts in Atlanta. You can find more details on their website at Jim Henson’s Labyrinth: Journey to Goblin City.

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