Full Bunny Contact In NYC Possibly Best Easter Event Ever

Holiday traditions are a beautiful thing. Each year, most of us repeat the same motions on holidays because if we don’t hold on to what we have done in the past, then we lose it. For me, I always used to play touch football on Thanksgiving with my cousins, open one present on Christmas Eve and eat black eyed peas and collard greens on New Year’s Day for good health and money (it’s a Southern thing).

Ralphie in A Christmas Story

Ralphie in A Christmas Story

Easter was always an egg hunt with all the grandkids at my Grandfather’s house searching for brightly colored plastic eggs filled with cheap candy or perhaps, if you’re lucky, some loose change. I was never really a fan of it; however, the adults somehow got enjoyment out of this, so we kids just went along with it. If you are like me and wish you could start a new Easter tradition and happen to be in New York City from April 17-20, boy, do I have an event for you!

Copyright Full Bunny Contact

Copyright Full Bunny Contact

Full Bunny Contact is part street fair, part carnival games and just a dash of insanity. Just like a fair, you pay one admission to get in and each individual game or attraction uses individual tickets to enjoy. The Main Event: Full Bunny Contact puts two “contestants” at a time in an open field that is completely fenced off. Once the buzzer sounds, it’s your job to race through the grass to collect as many eggs as possible and put them into your basket. Eggs are filled with prizes ranging from carnival tickets, to food to gift certificates.

Copyright Full Bunny Contact

Copyright Full Bunny Contact

One tiny problem: The field is populated with three pissed off over-sized “bunnies” who are not happy about you stealing their eggs. They come at you in any way that they can as they try to protect the eggs. They can guard them, kick them, swat them from your basket and even take them right out of your hand. This is not a full contact sport. Participants can’t retaliate against the bunnies. It’s a game of agility, speed and cunning. And one that I could sit and watch all day.

Copyright Full Bunny Contact

Copyright Full Bunny Contact

Not feeling like getting winded for small prizes? There are plenty of other activities, such as having your picture taken with a creepy Easter Bunny. Craving candy? Try The Keister Bunny, where you take your hand and dig deep inside a bunny’s butt and pull out some delicious sugary treats!

Copyright Full Bunny Contact

Copyright Full Bunny Contact

Want to impress your girlfriend with some games of joyous and blasphemous skill? No problem. Try Dunk the Savior, where Jesus himself, after rising from the dead, is now sitting in an old fashioned dunk tank. If Christ rises to the top and miraculously walks on water, you can win a brand new truck!

 Little Bunny FuFu’s Revenge gives festival goers a mallet while stuffed bunnies are thrown at you. The farther you “bop them on the head”, the bigger the prize. Hare-y Up makes you strap a 40-pound tortoise shell on your back and you get to race a real-live rabbit. If you beat the hare, you’re a winner!

 While there will be several more games and food options available, there are daily special events. I am most looking forward to the one on Saturday, April 19 at 3 p.m.: The Temper Tantrum Easter Candy Contest. Parents are encouraged to bring their children ages 12-and-under to throw the biggest, most annoying tantrum possible. The kid who annoys the crowd the most, based on their votes, wins an “obnoxious amount of candy.”

So take a step outside the box this Easter and try a new tradition. If you do go to this event, I would love to see any pictures or video you may have. Drop me a line at JoshYoung@ThemeParkUniversity.com! To get more info on this event visit FullBunnyContact.com.

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