Fans Flock to Interactive Shrek’s Adventure in London

Shrek's Adventure

Editor’s Note: Please welcome our newest contributor, Chan Ghataore who will be covering attractions for Theme Park University across the pond! Today she takes us through Shrek’s Adventure! You can find more of her adventures at her own!


This Shrektastic attraction opened in July 2015 in the very popular area of Southbank in London. It’s located very conveniently near Waterloo station right next to the London Eye, SeaLife Aquarium and London Dungeon. This adventure has 4-D effects, live acts and interactions and is perfect for a friends/family day out. 

Shrek's Adventure

My friend and I arrived for our 2 p.m. time slot and after we collected our tickets, we joined another queue to enter the attraction. There seemed to be quite a wait in this area, so we didn’t actually get into the main attraction until nearly 2:30.

Shrek's Adventure

As soon as you walk in, there is DreamWorks related artwork everywhere. We get to the front of the queue and are given wristbands and get three photos taken. We weren’t immediately told what these photos are for, but we were informed by an employee to do certain actions like, “look like you’re running,” “look happy,” and “make a scary face.” Quite a fun way to start.

Shrek's Adventure

We walked through a baggage area where we joined another queue and where adults could drop off bags or any luggage they had. There was another photo opportunity, this time with the funny sidekick himself, Donkey! Again we weren’t shown or given the photo, so we assumed that we would be presented with it at the end.

Shrek's Adventure

We were introduced to a very chirpy employee who tells us the rules of the attraction: no mobile phones, no photography and no touching the live acts and props (the usual). We then join another queue to get into a lift to the main attraction, known as Far, Far Away.

Shrek's Adventure

Throughout Shrek’s Adventure, we were greeted by live actors playing characters from the film. First was Princess Fiona, who requested us to sing “I’m A Believer” with Donkey in order to get the 4-D tour bus activated. I found it so frustrating that I couldn’t take photos because there were two London buses and one had a sign saying platform 3/4!! (Harry Potter geek moment!).

We were handed our glasses and seated and then began the 4-D tour, which brought us through scenes of “Shrek,” “Kung Fu Panda,” and “Penguins of Madagascar.” The entrance rules said there was motion and water sprays, but I didn’t experience any of that. I think the water sprays were mostly at the front of the bus and we were seated in the back.

Shrek's Adventure


After the 4-D bus, we were then taken to Shrek’s Swamp where Cinderella greeted us, who was very witty and funny.

Shrek's Adventure

In each room we were guided to, there was an item given to a chosen person that would need to pass it on to a character in the next room, such as an ogre’s tooth or a hairball from Puss in Boots. All the items were put together at the end and would lead us to Shrek. 

Library Imagery for Shrek's Adventure London © Mikael Buck / Shrek's Adventure London

Along the way in Shrek’s Adventure, we visited the bar where we saw Doris and Puss in Boots, the dungeon where Pinocchio is kept, a mirror maze in Duloc’s castle (this was one of the highlights for me!), and the bakery where we met Sleeping Beauty (she actually fell asleep twice and it was hilarious).

Shrek's Adventure

Finally, we get to the welcome home party where we got to meet the man himself, Shrek!

Shrek's Adventure

After having a photo with Shrek, we were handed a photo album by an employee and then we found out how to buy the photos we had taken. It was £30 for the album of five photos and a keyring, or just the photo album for £25. The album also includes some recipes which I thought was a cool bonus. 

Shrek's Adventure

The attraction lasted around 75 minutes. It ends in this AMAZING interactive area where there are so many photo opportunities with the Penguins of Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda and How to Train Your Dragon. I wasn’t expecting all this, so I was super excited and happy. At one point I saw none other than King Julian doing a little dance, so I took a photo of him and he waved to me! 

Shrek's Adventure

The exit is through the merchandise shop and there is a LOT of merchandise. I didn’t buy anything on this occasion, as you can access the shop without doing the actual attraction. There are plenty of cute and cool things to buy though. My friend bought some Gingerbread men!

Shrek's Adventure

Overall I had a great experience at Shrek’s Adventure. I have to give props to the actors and the amazing effort put into making the scenes and props. It truly felt like I was part of the films. I definitely recommend visiting. Of course you must be a fan of Shrek or even any of the other DreamWorks films to go. This will give you a much more enjoyable experience.

Shrek's Adventure

Shrek’s Adventure also hosts special events not just for kids, as they do late nights for adults and events themed around special dates during the year. For example, during Chinese New Year, you can meet Po from “Kung Fu Panda!”

Tickets and packages start from £18.90 and it is recommended you book via their website!

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Images Copyright: Theme Park University, Shrek’s Adventure

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