Extremely Rare Disney Animation Pieces Going to Auction Soon

It’s rare that you get the chance to own a piece of history. For fans of Disney and animation, perhaps the ultimate collector’s possession is a hand-drawn piece of animation that was used for a film. Recently I came across an auction of extremely rare artwork that’s going up for bid from RR Auction.

Today, I thought I would share a few of those pieces with you. It’s pretty amazing to see that some of these even exist. RR Auction has gone to great lengths to procure these items and verify their authenticity. I think you’ll find some of these pretty fascinating. Let’s dig in!

Without “Gertie The Dinosaur,” we may not have modern-day animation today as we know it. This piece dates back to 1914 when a piece of animation was used as part of a vaudeville act. Winsor McCay made these drawings on rice paper and they are now up for auction.

While this pre-dates Disney animation features, you can certainly attribute Gertie to putting animation on the map and introduced the public to the medium. Small side note: Gertie is featured at Disney’s Hollywood Studios as an ice cream stand! Click here for more info on this auction!

What may be the biggest draw in this particular auction is the above image from “Steamboat Willie.” The first Disney cartoon to feature synchronized sound, it would be pretty incredible to own a piece like this. The hand-drawn picture in the upper right is from the sequence where Mickey plays the teeth of a bull’s mouth. In addition, the framed picture features a genuine signature of Walt Disney himself! You can learn more about this piece by clicking here.

This hand-drawn animation cel dates back to 1937 and Disney’s first animation feature, “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.” A woodgrain background was added to the frame. However, you might recognize Snow White’s expression as this is the scene where the dwarves appear at the foot of her bed! Want more info on this piece? Click here.

Out of all the artists that worked for Walt Disney, Mary Blair may be the most iconic. She created this concept sketch for “Cinderella,” pictured above. The watercolor painting measures 18.25 x 9.75 and would be a great addition for any collector. Click here for more info!

Here is another piece from Mary Blair up for auction. This is an original concept storyboard painting from “Alice in Wonderland.” Blair’s style is unmistakable and this may be one of my favorite pieces from the entire auction. Click here for more info!

Perhaps you’re a fan of some of Disney’s more recent classics? Pictured above is concept art from Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” Accomplished in pastel and colored pencils, this may be one of the ultimate keepsakes for the Nightmare fans in your life. Click here for more info!

Here is an original storyboard drawing from “Pinocchio” back in 1940. This pencil sketch features Pinocchio and Lampwick. The animation is highlighted by the red drawings of Lampwick’s hand. A really cool piece of history. More info is available here.

Another great storyboard sketch is this one from “Dumbo.” This one is accomplished with graphite and black charcoal on animation paper. It’s a great piece of history from 1941 and more information is available here.

This particular image of the Cheshire Cat is rather rare. Why? You don’t often get to see an original painted cel from “Alice in Wonderland” with him standing where you can see his full body. Most often, you see only parts of him as he fades in and out of view. For more info on this auction, click here!

Finally, we have this classic Bella Note scene from “Lady and the Tramp.” Created by Disney artist Eyvind Earle, this was used as a storyboard for the classic film. Earle went on to be the production designer for “Sleeping Beauty,” but was a major contributor to “Lady and the Tramp,” creating 50 concept sketches. Click here for more info!

This is only the tip of the iceberg! RR Auction has so many more pieces of animation up for auction! Click here to take a look at what they have to offer. However, act fast, as this auction ends on Wednesday, July 10 at 7:00 p.m. EST.

Editor’s Note: Thanks to RR Auction for today’s sponsored post!

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