Daniels Wood Land Creates Another Slam Dunk for IAAPA 2015

Daniels Wood Land

Without question, Daniels Wood Land has the best trade show booth at IAAPA every year, hands down. This is not up for debate because no one comes close to the quality, attention to detail and craftsmanship they put into the yearly trade show. Daniels Wood Land has worked on all kinds of projects from attractions to tree houses and beyond. Mostly using skillfully crafted California Redwood.

Daniels Wood Land

This is because Daniels Wood Land never repeats the same booth or even concept from year to year. In 2015, they were showcasing the cabin seen above. Now while it may look impressive (and it is), here is what blew my skull apart. This cabin is actually the size of an RV.

Daniels Wood LandThink about this for a second. The entire cabin is assembled in California, where Daniels Wood Land is based, and then it can be trucked anywhere in the country and snapped together in less than a day because it has all been prefabricated.

Daniels Wood Land

That means, this entire cabin can sit on any slab where you can park an RV. It even comes with a second-story front porch!

Daniels Wood Land

For the record, this is not a paid advertisement and they don’t even know I am writing this. Seriously, it’s incredible. Inside is a kitchenette and a small dining room area.

Daniels Wood Land

The entire thing is built from real California Redwood. I honestly wish my readers could smell what it’s like to walk through a Daniels Wood Land booth. It’s a visceral experience.

Daniels Wood Land

Just across from the kitchen and dining is a queen size bed.

Daniels Wood Land

The kids can have their own separate bunk beds in their own mini-room.

Daniels Wood Land

And there’s a fully functioning bathroom with fresh water/sewage hook-ups that run like an RV just behind the walls seen above.

Daniels Wood Land

Downstairs there is an extra room that can be used for just about anything, even a hot tub! These babies can be placed in RV parks around the country. Theme parks can buy them up to go around their campgrounds as alternative to RV or tent living.

Daniels Wood Land

You’ve got to check out  Daniels Wood Land by clicking here! We are ready to move in now!

Daniels Wood Land

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