Crack the Codes at Room Escape Live Los Angeles

Room Escape Live

Located in the trendy section of Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood, California is a hidden gem of an attraction that most people don’t even know is there. Room Escape Live is a story-driven escape room that gives participants the opportunity to take on the role of special ops in the military and even “well-informed thieves” trying to break into a bank vault.

Room Escape Live

Room Escape Live actually originated in Hungary, which seems to be the current epicenter of the escape game craze in the Universe right now. As of the writing of this article, Budapest alone has just shy of 50 individual companies who have opened escape room locations and there are over 100 games offered there.

Room Escape LiveRoom Escape Live in Los Angeles offers two completely unique games: Central Bank and Cold War Bunker. In Central Bank, guests are tipped off to the whereabouts of some very expensive diamonds. Your mission: break into the assistant manager’s office, disable the alarm and grab the diamonds within less than an hour, or else end up behind bars.

Room Escape LiveOn my visit to Escape Room Live I played Cold War Bunker which was fantastic. Set in the late 1970’s, it turns out there was a spy who was a double agent paying lip service to both the United States and The Soviet Union. Bad news: someone broke into his bunker and initiated the launch for a nuclear bomb to go off.

Room Escape LiveI had to get in, grab all the intel I could and disarm the detonator within less than 60 minutes so I could save the world and life as we know it.

Room Escape LiveConsidering this was a special ops mission, I’ve been sworn to secrecy about what happened in there. However if you so choose to try this yourself you can expect to turn the entire office inside out. Leave no stone unturned and analyze everything. There are challenging puzzles, hidden compartments and several surprises hidden throughout the room.

Room Escape Live

Another thing to keep in mind about Room Escape Live is that when you book one of their games, it is only your group. Many escape rooms will mix you with strangers and this was the first game I have ever played where there were only two of us.

Room Escape Live

If you think we look ridiculous in these surveillance photos taken of us during our mission, you’re not the only one. However, we were focused and I am proud to say that we stopped the nuclear attack with less than 30 seconds left on the timer. You’re welcome.

Room Escape Live

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