The Conjuror’s Club Magic Immersive Theater Event is Seeking Funding

Unbeknownst to passersby, a century-old meeting place for magicians has been lurking in the shadows of New York City. The Conjuror’s Club is a new immersive theater event coming to NYC, which centers around intimate close up magic and illusion. I couldn’t be more excited.

Currently, The Conjuror’s Club is seeking funding via Kickstarter, so this dream can become a reality. While the idea is to make this a permanent venue in just like Sleep No More and Then She Fell, The Conjuror’s Club could only be a limited time run unless it gains enough traction and interest to become permanent and I hope it does.

The Conjuror's Club

So what’s the difference between seeing a traditional magic show and an immersive theater show like The Conjuror’s Club? Intimacy. Instead of being glued to a reclining velvet seat, you’ll get to roam around and experience intimate encounters with magicians and illusionists. There will also be exclusive one-on-one performances that give this particular venue a unique twist.

The Conjuror’s Club is being created by six creators of the hit immersive show Queen of the Night. They have formed a production company known as MinuteZero. They are collaborating with Vinny DePonto, a mentalist who’s Off-Broadway show Charlatan was nominated for a Drama Desk Award for Unique Theatrical Experience in 2014Rather than hear it from me, why don’t you listen to the pitch yourself?

I look forward to seeing The Conjuror’s Club in person. Again, if you’re interested in contributing to their Kickstarter campaign, do so! I’m making my contribution now.

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