Cast of Comedy Warehouse Return to New Show on International Drive in Orlando

Thanks to the express consent of the commissioner of baseball, the cast of Pleasure Island’s Comedy Warehouse is back in Orlando performing improv! Personally, out of anything that I miss at Pleasure Island, Comedy Warehouse was the top of that list.

Photo Credit: Orlando Comedy Alliance

To be fair, those talented performers from the Pleasure Island days of Walt Disney World haven’t gone anywhere. They’ve been performing all around Orlando in various shows in and out of theme parks. However, there hasn’t been a place in the tourist section of town where visitors and locals could enjoy improv comedy (aside from special events) until now!

Photo Credit: Orlando Comedy Alliance

The Orlando Comedy Alliance (OCA) is a selection of professional improv actors from around Central Florida. This new group consists mostly of familiar faces from Pleasure Island’s Comedy Warehouse, plus a few “new” faces looking to play with the gang.

To be clear, this show isn’t associated with or sponsored by Disney in any way. To the contrary, the Orlando Comedy Alliance runs a totally improvised show on International Drive on Wednesday nights which may be just a hair naughtier than what you used to see at Pleasure Island.

Photo Credit: Orlando Comedy Alliance

According to Lisa Glaze (a founding member of the OCA and former Comedy Warehouse regular performer), we can expect to see a rotating door of talent performing Wednesdays on International Drive. “We would love for some of our SAK friends to eventually play, others from Comedy Warehouse days as well as ‘guests’ from out of town who are familiar with our show structure.”

Photo Credit: Orlando Comedy Alliance

The show will flow very much like the old Comedy Warehouse show. It will have a musical opening and closing number. The “meat” will consist of various improv games that will rotate from show to show which will help keep it fresh. As always, there will be musical accompaniment with a piano player to keep things flowing (who you’ll also probably recognize from Comedy Warehouse)!

Personally, I’m thrilled to have improv comedy back in the spotlight in the tourist section of Orlando. It fills a very much needed “entertainment hole” that’s been empty in the tourist section of Orlando for years now. The Orlando Comedy Alliance performs Wednesday nights at 9:30 at the Forum on International Drive. For more info and tickets visit their website:

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