“In & Of Itself” Brings Deeper Meaning to Magic Show

Not that I needed a nudge, but the decision to buy a ticket to In & Of Itself was a no-brainer. After a critically acclaimed sold-out run in Los Angeles, the show has reemerged in New York for a 10-week run. This time being produced by the Goddard Group, Neil Patrick Harris and directed by Frank Oz. Yes, THE Frank Oz. 

Let me say that In & Of Itself is not for the kiddies. Not because it is overly sexual, violent or crude. Rather, this is a very adult show about one’s identity and self-awareness. Performed by Derek DelGaudio, a gifted story-teller and slight-of-hand magician, the show centers around how we view ourselves and how others may define us while we are on this planet. 

Doesn’t sound like a magic show? Good. That’s the point. In & Of Itself may be the only production I’ve ever seen that uses a somewhat linear storyline to drive the magic found within the show. And make no mistake about it, the driver of In & Of Itself is not the tricks found scattered throughout, but the narrative Derek weaves. 

Without giving too much away, the finale of this show is worth the ticket price alone. After several days of tossing and turning in my sleep, I still can’t even begin to comprehend how it is accomplished. And this is from a guy who understand how most mentalism is achieved. It will simply render you speechless.

Aside from the ending, the other piece of In & Of Itself that I find most intriguing is how the show lives beyond the theater. If you want to know absolutely nothing more, stop reading now. However, this information is already out there, so I don’t think I’m giving away too much of a spoiler.

Can I give a recommendation? Clear some time in your schedule for just after the performance if you can. Nearly halfway through In & Of Itself, Derek asks an audience member to leave. Not just for a few minutes… but kicks them out for the remainder of the show. This one audience member gets tasked with how they think the show will end based on what they have just seen. 

I’m being serious. They are handed a journal and are told to spend the next few hours filling out an entry within it on how they think the show ends after their departure. They then are given a seat to the very next performance and get to see the show from an entirely different perspective than any other audience member gets to see. I kick myself for not clearing my schedule properly. 

The other piece that will absolutely blow your mind is this gold brick. It has extreme significance in the show and Derek’s life… but you are guaranteed to be thinking about this probably for the rest of your life. Random audience members choose cross streets within Manhattan. Within seconds, the brick vanishes from the theater and reappears on that street corner suggested by the audience. 

After the show, dozens of audience members end up convening at that intersection (different for each performance!). We literally ran to the street corner mentioned just after the curtains closed and sure enough, the damn brick was right there. Hundreds of people passing it, having no idea of its significance, and only our audience understood the secret. 

Look, if you’re a fan of traditional magic, go to Vegas and see Penn & Teller, Matt Franco, or David Copperfield. All great shows. On the other hand, if you are craving something truly out of the box, non-traditional and thought provoking, you must see In & Of Itself in New York before the end of its run. To try and snag tickets before it sells out, follow this link

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