2017 Orlando Fringe Fest to Present “Cody Clark: A Different Way of Thinking”

This year, Theme Park University will highlight several shows you can find at the 2017 Orlando Fringe Festival. For those not familiar or happen to be in town, the yearly event will be May 16 – 29 and feature dozens of unique variety acts from around the globe. Today we highlight a unique magic act known as “Cody Clark: A Different Way of Thinking.”

What I’m looking forward to most about this show is that it’s not a typical magic show of trick after trick. Rather, Clark uses magic as a connective tissue to illustrate his life. In a recent interview, Clark confessed, “My show is a part of the solo performance style magic show trend, which started once magicians realized how friendly fringe festivals are to magicians and made shows tailored towards the fringe audience. This, like you’ve personally witnessed with Derek DelGaudio and Derren Brown, has culminated in a few magicians getting their shows Off-Broadway and will probably grow from there.”

Clark is a fan of shows with a narrative and you may be wondering, what makes his story so different? This particular magic show delves into his personal life and how Clark has grown up with autism. “For me, this narrative comes from my life, birth to present, and how being autistic gives me a different set of lenses to look at common growing-up experiences. My routines cover youth league sports, visits to grandma’s, my initial interest in magic, and my early experiences with romance. All common experiences, but without giving too much away, my magic routines reveal how my autism causes them to turn out differently for me, for better AND for worse,” proclaimed Clark.

I’m always looking for new ways to tell a story and more importantly, I’m a huge fan of magic. If you’d also like to check out “Cody Clark: A Different Way of Thinking” at the 2017 Orlando Fringe Fest, follow this link and maybe I’ll see ya at the show!

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Images Copyright: Cody Clark, Orlando Fringe Festival

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