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Last year when I talked to Russ Mckamey, his home haunt in San Diego, California was just starting to gain international press. Mckamey Manor is known as the most extreme haunted house in the world and with good reason.

McKamey Manor

This haunt, which charges no money (he only asks for some dog food for a Greyhound charity he supports), puts his victims through up to eight hours of hardcore hands-on terror. No one has ever made it that far though and according to the interview I just did with Russ, no one ever will.

Copyright McKamey ManorEven more interesting is how candid Mckamey was with me on how the “haters” try and shut him down. We address many of the concerns his opponents have brought up against him including:

Is this a legal form of torture?

Why doesn’t he charge for Mckamey Manor and would he be open to it?

Does Las Vegas have any gambling ties to the haunt and does Russ get a piece of the action?

Has he ever been investigated by the FBI an were any charges brought against him?

Has he ever been sued by anyone?

McKamey Manor

The answers to those questions might surprise you. Most interesting is Mckamey Manor is currently at a crossroads on if they can reopen. His insurance company has dropped him and he’s seeking funding from fans to keep the haunt up and running on this website.

McKamey ManorWhat’s clear is Mckamey Manor’s fans will have to step up in order to keep the haunt open in its current form. Without insurance, he may have to shut down in San Diego and regroup elsewhere. Or his fans might come through with the funding needed to keep it alive.

Russ McKamey

No matter what you think of Russ, it’s a fascinating topic and an interview you’ll definitely want to listen to.

McKamey Manor

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Images copyright: Mckamey Manor

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