Freakling Brothers Adds Coven of 13 to Las Vegas Haunted House Lineup

I have written about dozens of haunts over the years here at Theme Park University, but by far the one that gets the most buzz, clicks, and shares is anytime I talk about the Freakling Brothers in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Freakling BrothersEven if you aren’t a horror fan, people seem to be fascinated by the fact that an R-rated haunted house (Gates of Hell) even exists. Love them or hate them, the Freakling Brothers create haunted houses that are out of the box, redefine typical scares and quite often, Push your buttons.

Freakling Brothers

Take for example, the Victim Experience, which is a personalized reservations-only event where participants are pushed to the limit of what a haunted house can legally do. Naturally, one must sign a waiver and indeed the Victim Experience has returned for the 2015 haunt season and, believe it or not, has already sold out by the time you’re reading this.

Freakling Brothers Coven of 13New for the 2015 season, the Freakling Brothers have added a brand new house: Coven of 13. While this house isn’t R-rated, it certainly seems to test the limits of what you can do with someone’s personal space. Our friends over at Extended Queue Podcast got a chance to experience Coven of 13 and said in some ways, it was more intense than Gates of Hell, which is truly saying something.

Coven of 13 Freakling Brothers

In an interview done by our friends at Extended Queue Podcast, JT Mollner explained the process for creating Coven of 13. “Every five years we tear down our oldest attraction and build a new one,” explained Mollner. “We just thought if we kept the traditional folklore of witches and black magic and did it our own way, it would be unique since we didn’t see any other haunts around the country doing this kind of haunt.”

Freakling Brothers Coven of 13

To hear the entire interview, make sure to tune into a future episode of Extended Queue Podcast. Our thanks again to Freakling Brothers in Las Vegas for giving us exclusive coverage every year. We truly appreciate their support!

Freakling Brothers

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