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Unrealized World Showcase Part 5: Arab Nations Pavilion

Welcome back to our series of EPCOT Center World Showcase pavilions, attractions and concepts that never made the cut. In case you missed it, so far we have examined abandoned ideas for Venezuela, United States of America, Mexico, and the Philippines. Today we take a look at what would have been another E-ticket attraction in the Arab Nations pavilion.

United Arab Pavilion World Showcase

To give you an idea of why this pavilion never got made, you will notice the pavilion wasn’t made up of just one country, but rather a collection of them. Egypt, Syria, Iran, Jordan, Tunisia, and yes, Morocco could have been represented here. We all know that Morocco ended up opening in World Showcase in 1984, but what could have been in this version was fascinating.

Arab Nations World Showcase

Guests would enter into the pavilion and pass an Arab Souk (bazaar), which would feature a circular restaurant on the second floor. Just beyond that would have been a flying magic carpet ride!

United Arab Pavilion World Showcase

A genie would appear from a bottle via projection and act as a host through the region’s past and present. Your carpet would actually fly through the genie into a star-filled night sky where you’d learn about Arab contributions to astronomy, navigation and mathematics and how they have affected Western culture.

Magic Carpet Ride World Showcase

The journey would continue to fly over scenes showcasing Arab contributions to science and architecture that have shown their influence all over the world. The information in the press release sounds heavy for a family attraction, but keep in mind they were looking for sponsorship dollars here.  In the end, this version never got built, and in the end Morocco opened in World Showcase. It’s fun looking back on what could have been.

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