Unrealized World Showcase Part 3: Venezuela

Welcome back to our series on pavilions, attractions and concepts that never got to see the light of day in Epcot’s World Showcase. Today, we dig into what could have been the biggest “E ticket” ride in World Showcase today: a journey through the mountains of Venezuela!

Epcot World Showcase VenezuelaAt the entrance of the Venezuelan pavilion, Guests would have been greeted by this larger-than-life statue of Simón Bolívar. For those unfamiliar, Bolivar was an instrumental political and military figure in Venezuela gaining independence from Spain. As we have seen in other pavilions in World Showcase, Imagineers wanted to give guests a taste of the past, present and future of a country to try and give them a balanced view of their history.

Epcot World Showcase Venezuela

Modern (at the time) colonial architecture would have encircled a central plaza. Each building would have served a unique purpose: a restaurant, a shop for Venezuelan merchandise and even a fully functioning tourism headquarters. In the center of the plaza would have been a stage where a band would play completely encircled by water.

Epcot World Showcase Venezuela

However, the marquee attraction would have been a Disney-designed cable car ride like those used in Venezuela. From the press release:

After boarding, guests will journey downwards towards the courtyard level where scenes will unfold depicting Columbus’ discovery of the Orinocco River, where he felt he found proof of a new continent, a paradise, called Venezuela.

From there, guests will progress to the era when adventurers roamed the Venezuelan countryside in search of El Dorado, the City of Gold.

Finally, guests will travel through the high mountains, rivers, Caribbean coastlines and jungles of the country where guests will not only see the tremendous beauty of this nation but also learn about the music, food and especially the people of Venezuela. 

As the cable car makes a spectacular climb up the Andes mountains, guests return to the promenade level of the pavilion and make a breathtaking pass by Angel Falls before coming down to a bustling city similar to Caracas with its many modern, artistic structures. 

What do you think? Would this cable car ride have been a marquee attraction for Epcot? Come back next time and we will examine another pavilion that never saw the light of day! Make sure to follow Theme Park University on Instagram on Twitter and like our Facebook page! Doing any online shopping? Click on any Amazon link on this page and it helps TPU pay the bills and costs you nothing extra!

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