10 Toy Story Land Easter Eggs at Walt Disney World You Probably Missed

Just like any Pixar film, Toy Story Land at Walt Disney World is filled with Easter Eggs. Some are obvious and others are “hidden” in plain sight. Others take some digging and knowledge of Pixar history and trivia to understand. Let’s dive in!

#1 – A113

Located just outside of Woody’s Lunch Box quick service location are these unassuming blocks. While they are most certainly jumbled, the only letters and numbers visible on them are “A113” which is an alpha-numeric sequence hidden in all Pixar movies ever made.

Toy Story Screen Capture – Copyright Pixar

Many animators who work for Disney (and other animation studios) learned their craft at the California Institute of Arts in Valencia, California. A113 refers to the specific classroom where first-year graphic design and character animation is taught. This reference can not only be seen in Pixar films but several Disney Animation movies, The Simpsons television show and beyond!

#2 – Babybel Cheese Toys

Woody’s Lunch Box in Toy Story Land is sponsored by Babybel Cheese, which is now the official snack cheese of Walt Disney World.

As with any corporate sponsor, there are many nods to Babybel around Woody’s Lunch Box. Including tables and chairs made to look like Babybel cheese wheels and wrappers.

You’ll even notice that some of Andy’s toys have Babybel cheese wheels as part of their body. Perhaps in an attempt to repair this toy, Andy put in cheese as a replacement? Don’t think about it too hard.

#3 Animal Cracker Critters

However, not everything in Woody’s Lunch Box ties into the Babybel sponsorship. Take a look at these characters located on the back of the chairs held up by “toothpicks”.

As it turns out, these characters are in animal cracker form just above the pick-up window of Woody’s Lunch Box. The backs of the chairs being held up by toothpicks? They are pieces of the animal cracker cardboard these characters came in. So who are they?

These critters were featured in Toy Story 2 during an episode of Woody’s Roundup. They came to the rescue to help Stinky Pete out of the abandoned mine shaft that he was trapped in. More importantly, these guys have been a part of Toy Story Midway Mania since it opened in 2008.

Now they are much more prominently featured in the queue for that attraction as well as Woody’s Lunch Box in Toy Story Land. However, these guys have been in the final sequence of Toy Story Midway Mania as they represent different score levels you can achieve depending on your shootin’ skills.

#4 Nods to Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin

Moving over to Alien Swirling Saucers, there’s another tribute to an existing ride at Walt Disney World right in the middle of the queue.

It turns out one of the guns from Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin from Tomorrowland at the Magic Kingdom has been left in Andy’s backyard.  As a matter of fact, the entire queue for Alien Swirling Saucers is a nod to the mythology of Space Ranger Spin in Tomorrowland.

Everything from the graphics on the gun to the queue is a throwback to the command center where Buzz is enlisting recruits to fight off the evil Emperor Zurg.

As a comparison, here is a shot of the queue of Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters over in the Magic Kingdom.

It all connects perfectly. Speaking of connections, check out the wait time sign at Slinky Dog Dash.

#5 Buster’s Dog Tag

Walking to the front of the attraction, it doesn’t look like much.

However, once you go through the entrance to Slinky Dog Dash, take a look around to the other side of the wait time sign.

As it turns out, this is Buster’s dog tag! Buster is Andy’s dog from all the Toy Story films.

Even more importantly, the address of 234 Elm Street gives us a sense of where we are in the Toy Story film universe.  Is it after the first film? Nope. 234 Elm Street is where Andy moves in Toy Story 2 (but the actual address isn’t mentioned until Toy Story 3) when his parents sold his original childhood home.

This explains why we don’t see any mutant toys or Sid since he is no longer his neighbor as of Toy Story 2.  However, we do see reminders of Andy’s younger childhood since he clearly packs up many of his childhood toys after he moves.

#6 – Triple R Ranch

Speaking of Andy’s early childhood, check out this wall of oversized stickers located just before you reach the loading platform of Slinky Dog Dash. It’s an homage to Triple R Ranch.

To tie this back to the films, Andy wears a Triple R Ranch shirt while playing with Woody. However, it points back to the early history of the Walt Disney Studios.

The Adventures of Spin and Marty is a series of eleven-minute shorts which aired as part of the Mickey Mouse Club starting in 1955.  The series within a series aired several versions of the Spin and Marty show through 1957 and the Disney Channel aired them off and on all the way through 2002.  The show took place at the Triple R Ranch, a western-style summer camp for boys.

#7 Rex’s Price Sticker

Just as you leave the load station on Slinky Dog Dash, you’ll roll past the box that Rex from the Toy Story films originally came in. While it’s cool to see Rex in the form he was originally intended (a carnivorous scary dinosaur), what is far more interesting is the price tag.

If you break it down, 11/22/1995 reveals a date.  November 22, 1995, is when the original Toy Story film was released in theaters!

#8 – Partly Cloudy

As Slinky Dog Dash comes into unload, you can’t help but notice Wheezy crooning “You’ve Got A Friend in Me” on top of the box that RC came in. However, if you look just above him, you’ll notice a book paying tribute to an award-winning Pixar short.

Partly Cloudy is a short released in 2009 which was shown in theaters before the Pixar feature film Up. We all know that storks deliver babies, right? This story goes a step further and talks about the role clouds play in the process.

#9 – Ascot Publications

Now how did Wheezy learn the words to “You’ve Got A Friend in Me”? Clearly from Mr. Pricklepants’ book “Songs For Singing”. Did you happen to notice who is the publisher of this unique songbook?

Yup, yet another Toy Story Land  Easter Egg is the publisher of this book, Ascot Publications. If you recall, in Toy Story 3, Barbie and Ken compliment each other’s outfits. Barbie sheepishly exclaims to Ken, “Nice Ascot!”.

#10 Slinky Dog Dash Barcode

My personal favorite Easter Egg in all of Toy Story Land at Walt Disney World? This barcode on the box of Slinky Dog Dash as you enter the unload station.

Notice just below the barcode, we learn that the Slinky Dog Dash coaster was made in Emeryville, California. Indeed, Pixar headquarters and animation studios are located in Emeryville and have been there since 1986. Which leads me to those barcode numbers.

If we break down the numbers “231986” we can come up with a date: 02/03/1986.

This actually references the date in which Pixar was founded as its own company and started the process of producing its own animation and shorts. Which leaves us with the rest of that barcode.

The remainder of the barcode reads “1011971” and just like last time, you can break this down into a date: 10/1/1971.  And this is the date when Walt Disney World opened to the public: October 1, 1971!

Are there any Toy Story Land Easter Eggs that I missed? Let me know!

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