Shanghai Disneyland’s Tribute to Disney Horses

The most common question I have been asked about my trip to Shanghai Disneyland by far is what did I like best. What struck me the most was the level of detail in the park that truly is exquisite and truly needs to be seen in person to be appreciated. I will share with you my favorite nod to Disney history I found that exclusive to this park (there are dozens).

Shanghai Disneyland

The queue for Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean is a series of open air rooms that eventually lead indoors and to the load area. You travel through a jail, an artillery and even a stable. Located on the wall of the stable, these horseshoes feature nods to famous Disney horses… kind of. Before you scroll down, can you recognize all the Disney horse references?

Disney Horseshoes - Pirates of the Caribbean Shanghai Disneyland

Indeed, you have Bullseye from “Toy Story”…

Bullseye - Toy Story

Major from “Cinderella”…

Major - Cinderella

Maximus from “Tangled”…

Maximus Tangled

And even Gus and Jaq, who were mice in “Cinderella,” but as you may recall, were turned into horses via The Fairy Godmother.

Gus and Jaq Cinderella

While not from a film, we find ones for Old Dobbin, which refers to the horse pulled trolleys that traverse Main Street at Disneyland.

Old Dobbin DIsneyland

And yet, there’s more. Once again, can you name all the Disney horses without using your smart phone?

Horseshoes Shanghai Disneyland

You could also find horseshoes for Achilles from “The Hunchback of Notre Dame,”

Achilles Hunchback

Frou-Frou from “The Aristocats,”

Disney Horses

Khan from “Mulan,”

Disney Horses

Horace Horsecollar from many Disney animated shorts,

Disney HorsesPhillippe from “Beauty and the Beast,”

Disney Horses

and Angus from “Brave!”

Disney horses

Last round. Can you name these Disney horse references without scrolling down?

Disney Horses Shanghai Disneland

First we have Abu from “Aladdin,” who was actually a monkey, except for that one time when the Genie turned him into a….

Disney horses

Naturally, you have Captain from “101 Dalmations.”

Disney horses

Then…. you have….  Spot….?  Ok, internet, this one stumped me, and I genuinely have no idea who Spot is in Disney horse folklore. If you’ve got the answer, reach out to me on social media and I’ll give you credit.

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 11.55.22 PM

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